The one, the only, Business Central!

We’ve told you all about the benefits of making the switch from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. But we are yet to focus on the MVP of this guide. Drumroll please…

The one, the only, Business Central!

It’s the only business management solution your business needs.

No, but really, hear us out. As Microsoft’s next generation intelligent business application, Business Central resides chiefly in the cloud, and places the opportunity to grow beyond the limits of basic software at your fingertips.

An all-in-one ERP solution designed with ease of use and customisation in mind, Business Central connects all aspects of your business under one dashboard and helps you make smarter decisions. It comes with all the bells and whistles when it comes to functionality, including finance management and accounting capabilities, as well as a range of features tailored to customer service, sales, project management, supply chain, inventory and operations management.

Business Central Microsoft Cloud

Whoa! That’s a package which packs a punch, isn’t it? Well, guess what – it’s not even all!

Going the extra mile with Microsoft Business Central

Harnessing the power of One Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central combines personal productivity and business processes to deliver one unified, next generation solution. Familiar tools such as Word and Excel have been revamped by the tech giant to meet your operations’ needs and increase the efficiency of your team by reducing context switching time.

You’re not limited to the functionalities included in the package either. You can customize and extend your platform to include all the apps you need to meet your business goals, using services like PowerApps, Flow and Power BI Embedded. Business central also pairs seamlessly with a range of third-party applications such as payroll, banking, and CRM, as well as industry-specific systems.

Plus, advanced add-ons like Power BI and Cortana Intelligence, which come prepackaged with your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, offer prescriptive advice and actionable next steps through the power of predictive insights.

Whether you are a growing business, or an established company in pursuit of digital transformation, Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud is the all-in-one business management solution you need to bind the full functionality of Microsoft’s services to your needs.

Microsoft Cloud: Future so bright!

You don’t reach top of the field without constant improvements, and Microsoft know this better than most. Which is why they are committed to the continuous innovation of their cloud services. In fact, Microsoft’s roadmap for the future includes a number of promising features that will enable you to drive productivity, grow alongside your business needs, make smarter decisions backed up by in-depth analytics and stay ahead with their advanced technology stack.

Decadent discount

As a way to sweeten the pot of your digital transformation, Microsoft are throwing in a 40% discount if you make the switch in the 2019-2020 financial year. Existing Dynamics NAV customers with active BREP who want to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central can also take advantage of the lower prices on Business Central cloud licenses until June 30, 2021.

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Business Central Microsoft Cloud

Business Central Microsoft Cloud

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