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Graphical planning board with real-time data for all industries

Visual planning directly in Business Central - for more productivity & efficiency in everyday life With the CX Scheduler, you have a clearly laid out planning board that gives you a productive Everyday work guaranteed - directly integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system - with real-time visibility!

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Order planning

Project planning

Personnel planning

Capacity planning

Production planning

You can plan with these functions

One of the factors for a successful project or order completion is the optimal planning, utilization and selection of your resources. With our digital planning board, you can keep track of projects, tasks and deadlines so that you can plan more efficiently and react more flexibly to changes - all in one central location.

Planning board graphic

Drag & Drop

Tree structure

Capacity utilization

User-specific customizations

Docker function

Everything at a glance

Fast and comprehensive scheduling

Coordinate appointments with customers, employees and subcontractors seamlessly and easily with the CX planning module. Benefit from the more efficient organization of joint work processes. With the CX Scheduler, which is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you reduce everything to a single platform that can be accessed by any approved trade. Planned work orders can be rescheduled or assigned to other employees in a matter of seconds.
Plan and coordinate at the same time: time planning impresses with a structured and clear interface.

You maintain an overview and can react to unforeseeable
intervene quickly at any time.

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Free capacities

Available resources

Project tasks

Open service orders



Our CX planner modules for your industry needs

This is how productive planning works today


Never lose track thanks to simple, efficient process planning in production with the CX production module.

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The CX Scheduler is integrated directly into the project and resource module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Our CX resource planner provides you with an overall view of the company's resources.

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Easily assign service jobs to free resources Thanks to drag & drop, it's easy to use in your Business Central.

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Direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Client Control Add-On and C/AL-API from CONNAMIX, you can create a planning board and customize it to suit you and your needs. Programming knowledge is not necessary, because the powerful JavaScript add-on for resource and order planning includes features for more productivity and efficiency in the daily work process. The corresponding module of the add-on can be installed in just a few steps and used without any training. Our AL-API allows you to achieve seamless integration with other systems and customize the CX Scheduler quickly and specifically to your requirements.

Link with Microsoft Outlook

The CX Scheduler is directly linked to Microsoft Outlook and time resources are not planned twice: all appointments that are entered in the company calendar via Outlook or agreed with partners and business customers are already marked as appointments in the CX Scheduler.

The functions of the CX Scheduler at a glance

The CX Scheduler offers you a toolbox with which you can sustainably optimize the use of resources in your company and enables simple and intuitive handling thanks to the drag & drop interface: You can quickly create or adapt planning boards and have a centralized overview of project tasks, work and service orders as well as production processes and capacity utilization at the touch of a button.

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