Individual development 

When it has to fit

Rely on customized software and secure your competitive advantage Compare the costs and benefits of standard software with those of customized development. We develop a software solution that is as unique as your company itself.

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Individually designed and solved

We develop and program your requirements, adaptations and new developments individually, with years of experience and lots of know-how.

Standard software or customized development?

The question of individual development for business software arises when business processes and requirements cannot be covered by standard software. Many adjustments are often necessary if you want to work with a standard system. This can lead to friction and scattering losses and disrupt efficient processes. In addition, the adaptation and programming of interfaces cause further costs. However, it is precisely these individual business processes that characterize your company and make you competitive. So what to do?

To make your decision easier, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I map my business processes in standard software?
  • Do I use all modules of the standard software or do I not need most of them at all?
  • Do I need a lot of customization?

We want you to retain your individuality, use it and support you with a holistic software solution that suits you perfectly.

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Development process of your unique software solution

We have a clear passion: We want you to succeed! That’s why experience, industry knowledge, resource-conscious action and good intuition are among our basic requirements. We want you to be successful and we will work with you to achieve this. We support you by providing holistic advice and optimizing your processes in conjunction with IT software consulting. We are characterized by promising project management and reliable support. With us, the development and customization of your software will be as unique as you and your company are.


Together with you, we draw up a catalog of requirements in which we record your individual requirements and processes. This involves checking where there is potential for optimization. This is where the neutral view from the outside, which many have lost in their everyday working life and environment, helps us.


During the development of your individual software solution, existing processes are evaluated and checked or prepared for integration. Based on the action plan, we go through all the steps to develop a holistic software solution for your company.


With the perfect blend of years of experience and the latest technologies, we develop your individual software solution. This will be intensively examined together with you so that you receive exactly the business software that suits you, with which you can grow and which shows you competitive advantages.

Our services in the area of
Individual development

Desktop applications and browser-based programs

Product consulting and process implementation

Conception and creation of the design

Programming and implementation

Extensions to existing applications

Interface programming

Mobile and stationary software use

Operating manual for your own software

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Our services in the area of
Individual development

Fewer errors, fewer risks 

Manual processes such as manual data entry are often prone to errors and entail risks. Therefore, as many company processes as possible should be digitized and automated, especially if processes are recurring and/or regular. The right business software and the latest technologies such as Power Apps or AI functions provide support here. Take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities this offers you.