CX Scheduler: Project module

Good and clear planning as the basis for a successful project

Every project manager needs a complete overview of all stages of a project so that they can plan efficiently and react quickly. The CX Planning Board project module provides everything you need for successful project planning. The CX Scheduler is integrated directly into the project and resource module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Your existing ERP system therefore remains unchanged and your employees can work in a familiar software environment - project planning can begin immediately.

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Some functions of the CX project module at a glance

Simple operation for optimum project progress

The CX Scheduler is specially designed for fast and intuitive operation. Almost all tasks can be executed via drag & drop and projects, tasks and scheduling can be assigned directly within the view on the customized interface. In the CX Project Planner, all used capacities can be displayed either horizontally or vertically with just one click, so that task assignments can be selected or moved according to capacity utilization and planning times can be quickly adjusted. This structured view makes planning easier and sustainably increases the workflow. Of course, capacity overload is also immediately highlighted in color in the project module, so that the respective planner can react quickly.

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Optimale  Project overview

Direct resource allocation

Drag & Drop function

View customizable

Horizontal & vertical view

    CX Scheduler project planner capacity utilization

    CX Scheduler Project planner Insert planner items

    CX Scheduler Project planner Monthly view of capacities

    CX Scheduler Project planner Enter absences

    Create CX Scheduler project planner series

    CX Scheduler Assign gant chart resources

    CX Scheduler Adjust gant chart colors

Our CX planner modules specifically for your industry needs

This is how productive planning works today


Never lose track thanks to simple, efficient process planning in production with the CX production module.

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Our CX resource planner provides you with an overall view of the company's resources.

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Easily assign service jobs to free resources Thanks to drag & drop, it's easy to use in your Business Central.

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Direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Client Control Add-On and C/AL-API from CONNAMIX, you can create a planning board and customize it to suit you and your needs. Programming knowledge is not necessary, because the powerful JavaScript add-on for resource and order planning includes features for more productivity and efficiency in the daily work process. The corresponding module of the add-on can be installed in just a few steps and used without any training. Our AL-API allows you to achieve seamless integration with other systems and customize the CX Scheduler quickly and specifically to your requirements.

MS Office Integration

The direct integration in Microsoft [Office] 365 and therefore also in Outlook makes the CX Scheduler an innovation in the field of manufacturing. All important information, capacities and deadlines can be mapped directly in all Microsoft 365 products: Appointments are automatically entered into the Microsoft Outlook calendar of the employee responsible; orders for a production order are sent directly to the responsible supplier as an e-mail. Scheduling and control has never been so efficient and easy!

The functions of the CX Scheduler at a glance

The CX Scheduler offers you a toolbox with which you can sustainably optimize the use of resources in your company and enables simple and intuitive handling thanks to the drag & drop interface: You can quickly create or adapt planning boards and have a centralized overview of project tasks, work and service orders as well as production processes and capacity utilization at the touch of a button.

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