Business and IT consulting

We develop efficiency

We help you to make sensible use of important resources to optimize the use of production factors so that you are always ahead of the competition.

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Professional business and IT consulting for your company

CONNAMIX offers you comprehensive consulting that covers both areas: business headquarters and process optimization in conjunction with a comprehensive IT software consultation.

Holistic consulting at company level

We analyze your requirements and show you your existing processes. This forms the basis for holistic process optimization. Among other things, throughput times, work steps and production processes are considered and examined to see whether they can be made more effective.

Our consultants and developers have extensive experience in the field of business management and process optimization. You and your company will also benefit from our diverse experience in various industries and the associated familiarity with optimal, multi-faceted processes. We take a holistic view of companies

Digital strategies for real success

After developing and evaluating your processes, we create a requirements catalog for suitable software in order to optimally integrate new process steps. After the installation, we look at the IT landscape of your company: The selection and evaluation of the cost-benefit ratio of different software providers and programs are continuously reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted with the help of the requirements catalog.

The customization and/or introduction of business software can be a cost-intensive process that must pay off. Put your trust in our experts: years of experience, industry knowledge and resource-conscious action make us a reliable partner.

With the right advice on the right software

Nowadays, it is impossible for future-proof and successful companies to view the IT and process worlds independently and detached from one another. There are process optimizations on the one hand and at least one, if not several IT systems on the other. This is precisely our strength. We bring your internal processes together and advise you on the right choice of software – because that’s our daily business, not yours!


We analyze your requirements and review existing processes. Our experience and the neutral view from the outside help here.


After developing and evaluating your processes, we create a catalog of requirements and measures – for holistic process optimization.


If you wish, we can also take this step together – and you will benefit from our experience in business management and process optimization

Are you looking for a quick start with Business Central?

If you are a small or medium-sized company looking for a quick start with an ERP solution, take a look at our latest solution: CX ExpressStart. CX ExpressStart gives you a lightning-fast way to put your company on the road to success.

Still be successful with Microsoft & CONNAMIX in 50 years.

Time for important things

Our daily business is the software solutions of our customers, and we take our time for this. In the same way, you should use your time for your business, your core business, instead of worrying about company processes. We digitize and automate your processes and give you more time so that you can concentrate on the essentials.