CX Construction

CX Construction & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - the best of both worlds combined in one

The complete solution for the construction industry that really covers all areas. The tool for professionals!

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The complete solution for the construction industry The tool for professionals!

CX Construction is designed to support your construction company throughout the entire process.
  • Offer & Calculation
  • Order processing
  • Measurement & billing
  • Subcontractor management
  • Addendum
  • Financial management
  • Data evaluation
  • Project management
  • GAEB interface

CX Construction

The best of both worlds combined in one

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft has managed to bundle the latest technologies, worldwide knowledge and experience from over 40 years in one ERP system. An ERP solution that maps all the business processes and areas of a large company and at the same time is just as suitable for a two-man operation. Business Central forms the center of your company.

What began as accounting software for individual users is now used by over 2.7 million users in 195 countries. An all-in-one solution that is available on-premises and in the cloud and combines financial, sales, service and operations management.

Microsoft makes digitization possible for everyone
– for you too!

CONNAMIX Business Solutions

For more than 20 years, we have relied on the Microsoft ERP system as a basis and combined it with our industry solution >>CX Construction<<which is specially tailored to the needs of the construction industry – fully integrated and well thought out.

A complete ERP solution that covers all areas of the company and also meets the very special individual requirements of the construction industry. A system that is affordable, suitable for both small and large companies, that can be implemented quickly and is easy to use.

With CX Construction you have the perfect tool for your construction company!

Be successful in 50 years with Microsoft and CONNAMIX.

Create a stable and powerful foundation with CX Construction: an IT environment - based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - that accompanies you safely into the future.

Our construction solution takes into account all processes and special features of the main and ancillary construction trades. Years of experience in software development and the construction industry have gone into the development of our construction solution "CX Estimation".

The CONAMMIX solution in detail

CX Construction: You can rely on this software solution

Quotation & calculation
Construction file GoBD certified document management
Construction equipment management
Cost accounting
Human resources
Resource planning
Bulk material
Service & Maintenance
Time recording

Quotation & calculation

Calculate quickly and efficiently. Save resources and still win.

The CX Estimation module is at the heart of CX Construction and is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
The complete process of costing and invoicing is mapped in CX Estimation. You save time and resources in the time-consuming preparation of quotations. You calculate directly in Business Central and no longer need any unnecessary isolated solutions. A system for optimized process flow

Quotation preparation Supplements

Tendering measurement recording

Settlement of accounts



Good data analysis is the foundation of every good decision.

Data plays a crucial role in the growth of your company. In the construction industry, it is crucial to make data-based decisions in order to recognize warning signals in good time, analyze the situation, identify the optimal solution and take the appropriate corrective measures. Through data-driven decision making, construction companies can increase efficiency, minimize risk and achieve more successful project outcomes – at any stage of the construction process.

Construction file GoBD certified document management

Secure and GoBD certified – centrally in one place.

Every project in the construction industry can generate a large number of documents. It is therefore crucial to have a central storage location where all current versions of these documents can be stored, edited, retrieved and viewed.
Optimize your document management by using a single central platform. This allows all users to collaborate in real time on the latest version of each document.

Construction equipment management

Efficient construction equipment management for optimized resource utilization and cost control.

You can also manage construction equipment easily and simply with our CX solution and thus cover important areas. The CX Scheduler (resource module) is also used here.


Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with Microsoft’s CRM solution for construction companies.

Increase the efficiency and success of your construction company with the CRM system from Microsoft. Benefit from effective customer relationship management that helps you to maintain customer contacts and optimize sales strategies. Manage quotes and orders effortlessly to ensure smooth processing Use the system’s extensive functions for efficient project management and seamless team collaboration. Provide your customers with first-class service and support by processing inquiries efficiently and offering individual support.


Precise financial control and compliance for construction.

The standard financial accounting functions in Microsoft Business Central offer the construction industry numerous advantages: Optimize your budgeting, supplier management, financial reporting and integration. Control costs, meet compliance requirements and increase the efficiency of your construction company.

Linked to all important areas: Financial accounting in Business Central is seamlessly linked to all areas of the company such as project management, purchasing and sales. This allows financial data to be exchanged efficiently and ensures a holistic overview of business transactions.


Save money when shopping

You can also rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Standard and CONNAMIX in the area of purchasing. With this powerful combination, you no longer have to worry about complicated processes and tedious reworking.

Integration CX Estimation Integration Financial Accounting

Order price history Subcontractor purchasing

Raw material shares Evaluations

Cost accounting

Always keeping an eye on costs.

CKL’s CX partner solution provides you with a controlling tool for cost analyses and operational evaluations. With this special solution, you can map all requirements such as internal activity allocation, allocations according to all procedures, imputed recurring postings, working with planned costs and evaluating the data using analysis views you have created yourself.

Cost center accounting Cost unit accounting

Human resources

CX Construction offers you a CX partner solution from Infoniqa for human resources, through which all personnel and payroll issues are resolved. The solution impresses with its integrated interface for electronic data exchange.

Payroll accounting Payroll accounting

Resource planning

Graphical resource planning for efficient project organization and allocation.

Our graphical resource planning enables precise project planning and efficient allocation of important resources in the construction industry. With our user-friendly planning tool, you can organize your employees, subcontractors, service orders and customer resources in the best possible way. Whether it’s planning materials, employees or a combination of both, our graphical resource planning gives you the flexibility to link resources together and synchronize them with just one click. This simplifies and optimizes the planning and allocation of machine operators, machines and required equipment. Rely on our solution for well-organized and efficient resource planning in your construction projects.

Bulk material

Efficient bulk solids management for optimized logistics and inventory control.

Here, too, we provide our in-house CX solution. This offers you the following advantages:

Bulk material billing Interface to weighing data

Price and specialist cost lists Invoicing

Delivery note entry

Service & Maintenance

Satisfied customers, happy employees

Achieve customer and employee satisfaction with the comprehensive CX service package. See the big picture and connect customers, support and field service. As a seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, CX Service offers you a complete solution package.

Planning recurring tasks Resource planning

Preparation for field service ticket portal

Preparation for field service


A fully integrated ERP system is the ideal basis for maintaining an overview in the complexity and speed of everyday life. The industry solution BCrent (formerly RentNAV) is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) and optimizes the interaction between sales, scheduling, service, workshop and finance. Thanks to its modular structure, the ERP system is flexibly adaptable and grows with your requirements as needed – for long-term support of your company. Whether excavators, cranes, containers, construction machinery or work platforms – BCrent has proven itself in the machine and equipment rental industry for years. You can find more information about our partner here.

Time recording

Efficient time recording via Power Apps for precise working time management

Record working times efficiently and accurately with Power Apps. Our user-friendly mobile application allows employees to easily track time, including time clocks, project links and break management. The data is stored reliably and can be used for reports and invoicing. Through integration with other systems such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, time recording is seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Optimize your working time management and benefit from the flexibility and user-friendliness of Power Apps.

You can only benefit

We have standardized the best and most efficient functions.

With each new update, our customers benefit from the latest technologies and ongoing adaptations to the changing conditions of the outside world.

With CONNAMIX, you have a team at your disposal that has decades of experience in construction . And has put together an all-round carefree package for you based on precisely this expertise that covers all project phases.

CX Construction – the best of everything combined in one

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