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The calculation module for construction companies, trades and project service providers

Our calculation module is the ideal software add-on for companies in the construction industry that want to simplify their quotation and project calculations and make them more efficient. The powerful software tool - for your Microsoft 365 Dynamics Business Central ERP system, offers comprehensive support in the handling of your projects.

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Quotation, calculation, order processing

Measurement & billing

Subcontractor management

Data evaluation

Project management & Scheduler

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Handling of your construction projects. From the invitation to tender, preparation of the offer, handover to the Project management for measurement recording, post-calculation and invoicing - we accompany You step by step. Take advantage of our fully integrated costing solution for Business Central and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your quotation and project calculations.

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CX Estimation in detail

You can rely on this calculation tool!

CX Estimation helps companies in the construction industry to optimize their calculations, increase efficiency and make informed decisions when submitting bids and executing projects. Contact us today to find out more about CX Estimation.

Direct integration & user-friendliness

Our calculation module can be integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as an add-on. The entire dispatch process takes place automatically in the ERP system, so that employees do not have to get used to new work processes or start an external program - for a seamless start to a future with reliable planning.

Fast quotation & project calculations

Create your quotations and cost estimates QUICKLY, EASILY and EFFICIENTLY. CX Estimation enables you to record all relevant items such as material costs, working hours, machine and equipment costs and any additional costs simply and clearly via the bill of quantities. The module accesses your Business Central database directly and thus takes daily price adjustments into account so that you always work with realistic figures.

Efficient handling of construction projects

You can easily convert an offer into an order. Our calculation module makes it easier for you to manage your construction projects by enabling you to record measurements simply and precisely. You can enter your measurements directly into the module or import them from other digital sources. The module automatically calculates the required material quantities and labor hours to provide you with a sound basis for the further planning and execution of the project.

Post-calculation & supplements

With CX Estimation, you can also perform a detailed post-calculation by comparing the actual costs with the original cost estimates and identifying variances. This enables you to improve future calculations and minimize losses. In addition, the module supports the recording and management of supplements so that you can accurately document and invoice changes during the construction process.

Accounting and analysis

Our calculation module supports the precise billing of your construction projects. You can record working hours, material costs and other relevant factors and automatically generate invoices. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors. Business Central enables construction companies to analyze valuable data. With sound insights into business data, you can recognize trends, make decisions and drive your company's success.

Standards-compliant construction software

Our construction software complies with all current and necessary standards in the construction industry and forms a reliable basis for your construction projects.

Benefit from the advantages of CX Estimation:

Image of a bill of quantities

Simple, fast, adaptable and resource-saving

Use of templates and updated databases:
Copy basic projects, adjust prices, send out

Orders are planned and managed directly in the standard project module

Scale management and billing - the all-in-one package

Post-calculation and documentation of supplements

Subcontractor management

Analysis of past projects for continuous improvement

User-friendly interface for intuitive use

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Reasons for CX Estimation


Do you like to save time?

Yes! The answer will probably be. CX Estimation does this for you. The calculation module optimizes and simplifies the process of quotation and project calculation. This saves you valuable time and at the same time reduces the effort required for manual calculations. Increase your competitiveness!



Is CX Estimation flexible and scalable?

Yes! CX Estimation is adaptable to the specific requirements of your company. You can define individual cost items, create templates and fill your database with current prices and materials. You have the opportunity to analyze past projects in order to draw lessons for future calculations and continuously increase your efficiency.


Do you controlled in the Building the future?

By using the costing module, companies have better control over their projects. You can plan resources more efficiently, keep an eye on costs and identify potential risks at an early stage. This improves the overall performance of construction projects and enables the company to achieve more successful project results.

The selected reasons illustrate how a company from the construction industry can benefit from the implementation of CX Estimation. It enables time and cost savings, increased accuracy, flexibility, improved control over projects and support with tenders and invoicing. Ultimately, all this leads to increased efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of the company.

CX Estimation GAEB processing directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Import - calculate - plan: GAEB interface and Gantt Chart

Another impressive feature of our calculation software for the construction industry is the integrated GAEB interface. This interface enables smooth data exchange between the calculation module and other systems that support the GAEB format.

With CX Estimation, you can import all data quickly and easily via the GAEB interface. Both imports and exports are transferred electronically to the relevant systems. After importing, the files are opened directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and can be edited there in the ERP system. The adoption of the tender structure is particularly helpful here. In the CX GAEB Viewer, you can already see the requirements and structure of the tender without prior import, thus avoiding unnecessary data exchange.

Offer structures already in the system are automatically set and also displayed. You can simply add or remove items via drag & drop. Created quotations are easily exported to the corresponding GAEB format at the touch of a button (support of various GAEB formats: GAEB 90 and GAEB xml – 83 or 84).

Once the order has been placed, all the data is already available in the system and can be converted into an order. For smooth project planning, there is seamless integration with the CX Planner project module. You always have a clear planning board with which every project can be implemented safely and efficiently.

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