Microsoft Power Automate

Automate tasks as digital workflows

Let regular analog work take care of itself and let specific processes run by themselves - with automated digital processes. In addition, the integrated KITechnology gives you more time to devote to strategic tasks.

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What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Automation made easy

Automating business processes often involves time-consuming programming, but with Power Automate you can simply do it yourself. With the cloud-based service, individual and cross-platform workflows can be easily created in-house. Recurring routine tasks and work steps can thus be automated – across different applications/programs.

With Microsoft Power Automate, all applications in the Microsoft 365 world can be connected to each other and to third-party services – inside and outside the Microsoft Cloud. This allows you to apply workflows across different areas of the company. This increases the degree of automation and thus the efficiency of the company’s processes.

Smart, fast and simple

With Power Automate, you can quickly and easily create automated workflows for regularly recurring work steps and processes. Any number of workflows (i.e. which actions should be executed automatically when certain events occur) can be created, whereby the actions can be linked and combined as required. For everyday routine tasks, you then only have to enter a “workflow once and from then on it runs by itself.

Use Power Automate to create workflows that are easy to use, require no programming knowledge and rely on cloud-based
services – this also prevents data loss and reliably manages identity and access rights.

  • Automate recurring tasks

  • Save time with digital workflows

  • Application without programming knowledge

  • Error reduction through elimination of manual work

  • Efficient work and optimized processes

  • Use and customize existing templates

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each individual app has a different focus, but they all have common goals: To digitize, optimize and ultimately automate business processes. And you can do all this yourself, without any in-depth programming knowledge, simply by drag & drop and with just a few clicks.

Power Automate(Automatisierte Workflows)
Power BI(data visualization)
Power Apps(Creation of own apps)
Power Pages(Design of low-code websites)
Power Virtual Agents(Use of chatbots)

What are workflows and how are they created?

A workflow is a process/work step that is to run or be processed automatically with Power Automate. Here are a few examples: You want your e-mail attachments from Outlook to be saved automatically; an approval process is required for orders over a certain amount or you want to save yourself the effort of regularly entering data manually into an Excel spreadsheet? Power Automate has been developed precisely for such processes.


You start a new, still empty workflow and gradually add individual actions to it. There are three categories to choose from:

» “Automated flow (triggered by a
defined event),
» “Immediate flow (triggered manually if required)
» and “Planned flow (is calculated at fixed
executed automatically)

Set actions

With the predefined connectors, all Microsoft 365 services with each other and applications from third-party providers can be linked with each other. Under "Connectors" you can search for the respective Connector or program that you want to integrate search After selecting the services with which you want to create a create a new workflow, the selectable Individual actions and trigger events are listed Thereupon define the actions and conditions for which the workflow is to be created.

Use templates

Select an existing template from the Overview Use the search bar to find the right one for you Find relevant templates. The ready-made workflow templates are available for a wide variety of applications. These can be either use immediately or as required customize - simply drag & drop to change and edit.

Stay in the flow

Automate business processes or reminders, move data between systems according to a schedule and much more! With Power Automate’s no-code/low-code platform, anyone can create automated processes.

Power Automate has more than 100 ready-made templates to help you get started with automation. You can also create your own workflows from scratch using one of over 300 connectors

More power for your company

Microsoft Power Automate is part of Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes other applications such as Power BI and Power Apps. Each application performs different, specific tasks, but all with the aim of digitizing, optimizing and automating business processes. Our experienced software developers and project managers are on hand to help you find the right application for you and advise you individually tailored to your requirements.

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