Microsoft Power Apps

Simple app creation for efficient business processes

With Microsoft Power Apps you can develop your own apps quickly and easily - without much effort, code or programming knowledge. Transform your ideas and thoughts into digital business solutions.

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What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Digitize business processes yourself with your own apps

Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform as part of Microsoft 365 and offers a development environment that allows you to create your own apps – without any development skills. It contains numerous functions and workflows – as a basis with which business processes can be digitized and automated. Microsoft makes it easy to integrate your data and information and ensures that the apps work in the browser as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Modernize and automate - without Programming skills

Are you considering whether some of your processes can be displayed as an app or would you like the right feature to revise outdated or obsolete processes? With Microsoft Power Apps, these considerations can be implemented quickly and easily. Develop individual applications independently of external developers. You can easily create your own apps in just a few hours, because the logic of individual development is understandable for everyone.

  • Simply create your own apps

  • Digitize manual processes

  • Automate outdated processes

  • No programming knowledge required

  • Use and customize existing templates

  • Edit via drag & drop

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each individual app has a different focus, but they all have common goals: To digitize, optimize and ultimately automate business processes. And you can do all this yourself, without any in-depth programming knowledge, simply by drag & drop and with just a few clicks.

Power Automate(Automatisierte Workflows)
Power BI(data visualization)
Power Apps(Creation of own apps)
Power Pages(Design of low-code websites)
Power Virtual Agents(Use of chatbots)

How to get started with Power Apps

Strong together

Microsoft Power Apps has a large and fantastic community of dedicated users who will be happy to assist you with any question you may have. You can also find the best and most comprehensive information about news here.

Small but nice

When developing your first app, choose a clearly defined task that your app should fulfill. It is much easier to develop a solution if you have a clear idea of the problem.

Use what is there

Power Apps is seamlessly connected to Office 365, Dynamics 365 and many external applications. When creating and linking your first app, build on something you already know. Our tip: Use one of the templates.

Interest aroused?

In the free eBook with helpful tips and in the Microsoft Whitepaper Learn more about Microsoft Power Apps

More power for your company

Microsoft Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes other applications such as Power Automate and Power BI. Each application performs different tasks, but all with the aim of digitizing, optimizing and automating business processes. Our experienced software developers and project managers are on hand to help you find the right application for you and advise you individually tailored to your requirements.

Power Automate

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Power BI

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Power Plattform

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