Microsoft Power Platform

Cross-system extensions and links

With Power Platform, Microsoft gives you a digital foundation that simplifies complex work and digitizes, links and automates business processes at the touch of a button - and thanks to low-code tools, you can do it yourself.

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What is Microsoft Power Platform?

App development made easy

Ease of use, cross-system networking and automated workflows – that’s the promise of the Microsoft Power Platform.

As part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform comprises various apps, each with a different focus, but all pursuing common goals: To digitize, optimize and ultimately automate business processes.

All data can be merged with existing connectors and linked and extended with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. By using the Power applications, separate data silos are avoided and merged into a standardized database.

Finding solutions with simple tools

The low-code approach enables users to create individual solutions in the form of apps and automated workflows – without in-depth programming knowledge, simply by drag & drop and with just a few clicks. Here, Microsoft relies on the world-famous look that you certainly know from Word, Excel, Outlook & Co.

The Microsoft Power Platform applications support conventional browser use and can of course also be operated via smartphone or tablet, in keeping with the concept of mobility.

Benefit from the latest technologies and integrated AI functions with Power Automate and stay relaxed even when updates are due.

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each individual app has a different focus, but they all have common goals: To digitize, optimize and ultimately automate business processes. And you can do all this yourself, without any in-depth programming knowledge, simply by drag & drop and with just a few clicks.

Power Automate(Automatisierte Workflows)
Power BI(data visualization)
Power Apps(Creation of own apps)
Power Pages(Design of low-code websites)
Power Virtual Agents(Use of chatbots)

More power for your company

Each Power Platform application performs different, specific tasks, but all with the aim of digitizing, optimizing and automating business processes. Our experienced software developers and project managers are on hand to help you find the right application for you and advise you individually tailored to your requirements.

Power Automate

With Power Automate, recurring
Easily automate tasks as digital workflows – from simple notifications to complex approval processes and AI support. As with all Power Platform apps, you don’t need any programming knowledge to create individual workflows.

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Power Bi

With Power BI, company data can be analyzed, the resulting results graphically processed and shared with other people – on any end device. The clear analyses make it possible to monitor business processes and the company’s success. The findings support you in making well-founded decisions based on current data.

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Power Apps

With Microsoft Power Apps, you can create your own apps to solve a wide variety of tasks. Thanks to the numerous templates from Microsoft and the simple drag & drop function
Digitally map and automate processes of all kinds. The apps can access various data sources, regardless of whether the
data in the cloud or locally on your

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