CX Scheduler: Production module

Simple, efficient process planning in production with the right CX Scheduler

In the area of production, various areas are interlinked and must work together: delivery deadlines must be met and permanent capacity utilization must be ensured. Customize your planning board easily and flexibly to suit your needs.

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Some functions of the CX production module at a glance

Employees need a graphical overview of the entire production process in order to be able to react to failures and bottlenecks. Each such change usually also has an impact on the manufacturing process. With the view in the CX planning board, you can see these implications immediately and adjust your planning accordingly; an overall view for an efficient workflow.

Intelligent production planning

Many planners want a system that makes intelligent suggestions for production orders – the CX production planner makes this possible:
The system learns very quickly how old production orders were planned, which machine was used, how much time was taken and how many employees were involved in the production process. Based on this data, the system automatically makes suggestions when planning new production runs, which saves an enormous amount of time and prevents errors in the production process.

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Order planning

Project planning

Personnel planning

Capacity planning

Production planning

Capacity view

  • Filtering in the tree structure
  • A selection of the time view is available: hours, weeks or months, even the annual planning is clearly displayed.
  • Simply select the required planning data, click on it and view it directly.
  • Data is differentiated by color, so you can see immediately and in a structured way which times and machines are occupied and which are available.

Individual orders

The CX Scheduler production module offers the option of having an overall view as well as the production orders presented individually in a clearly structured manner. Each independent order and the associated deadlines, machines, suppliers and employees are displayed in one view: the respective production progress is displayed and free machine or personnel capacities are immediately visible so that production parts can be redistributed in the event of any difficulties.

If an appointment is postponed or a machine breaks down, the associated impact on all areas is immediately visible and alternatives are offered for selection. The display of vacant resources makes it possible to assign new tasks to them.

Easy handling

As with all CX planning board modules, your orders can also be adjusted in this module using drag & drop: With just one click, you can change the timing of a production run, for example if a deadline has to be rescheduled because a supplier is delivering too late. The start and end times are adapted to the real conditions and the assignment of the work location can be changed via drag & drop and adapted to the conditions on site (e.g. cases of illness, etc.). If the capacity utilization of a resource is exceeded, this is immediately indicated by a coloured warning and the load can be reduced.

Planning that plans itself

If production has to be postponed, subsequent orders are usually also affected. In the CX planning board production module, linked orders are automatically displaced if time adjustments are necessary. The dispatchers see the shift immediately and can react to it.

Our CX planner modules specifically for your industry needs

This is how productive planning works today


The CX Scheduler is integrated directly into the project and resource module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Our CX resource planner provides you with an overall view of the company's resources.

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Easily assign service jobs to free resources Thanks to drag & drop, it's easy to use in your Business Central.

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Direct integration into your ERP system

The CX manufacturing module is directly integrated as an add-on in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All production planning takes place automatically in the ERP system so that employees do not have to get used to new work processes or start an external program. Start seamlessly into a future with reliable planning

MS Office Integration

The direct integration in Microsoft [Office] 365 and therefore also in Outlook makes the CX Scheduler an innovation in the field of manufacturing. All important information, capacities and deadlines can be mapped directly in all Microsoft 365 products: Appointments are automatically entered into the Microsoft Outlook calendar of the employee responsible; orders for a production order are sent directly to the responsible supplier as an e-mail. Scheduling and control has never been so efficient and easy!

The functions of the CX Scheduler at a glance

The CX Scheduler offers you a toolbox with which you can sustainably optimize the use of resources in your company and enables simple and intuitive handling thanks to the drag & drop interface: You can quickly create or adapt planning boards and have a centralized overview of project tasks, work and service orders as well as production processes and capacity utilization at the touch of a button.

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