FIRE for successful and innovative project management

FIRE – the new way for successful innovative project management

Project management is tough. It’s about finding the balance of juggling issues (budget, time frame, supplier contracts, etc) and team concerns. Thankfully, you have prior projects to refer to to get an idea of best practices or trouble spots.

But should you do this? If you’re working on an actual innovative project, this might be difficult. Other projects may be interesting but not useful and considerate. So you might need to ask yourself: can I turn to those projects for guidance to keep budgets trim and deadlines met?

To manage innovative projects on deadline and under budget and to carry your project to success, you have to follow a few rational and logical guidelines.

FIRE for fast, efficient high-quality project results

When you guide a creative project, you will face lots of challenges on your way. Happily, there’s a fail-safe method that innovative project managers rely on to stay on track. Let’s spice things up with some F.I.R.E. – an acronym forFast‘, ‘Inexpensive‘, ‘Restrained‘ and ‘Elegant‘

Use the FIRE to improve your project processes and achieve your goals


Divide your project into smaller tasks that can be completed quickly to make your whole project fast. Bigger projects tend to drag, and sometimes it feels like not progressing at all. Create a smaller group of shorter tasks to focus on each task – one at a time. Don’t forget to set clear, achievable deadlines.

This implies firmly stick to the made schedule, however. Don’t forget: being fast is not only about working and delivering quickly; you also have to focus on quality. Quick work but sloppy effort, after all, just lead to more work further down the line. Thus, in the end, you won’t have saved any time…


To keep your project inexpensive, maintain a small budget, and aim to solve problems with your smarts before throwing money at them.

Let’s be clear: inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. It’s all about efficiency. Before looking for expensive, external solutions, try to make the most and best out of what you have.


Stay in control you automatically will be restrained. Control your work and don’t permit unexpected situations to define the direction for your project. Rather learn to control the circumstances by holding regular meetings and maintaining short schedules. Focus on organizing small teams, and keeping a tight budget.


At last, be elegant! Focus on simplicity and remember: less is more. If done correctly, simple projects are better than complicated ones. You can easier work on them and still ensure high-quality results.

FIRE project management FIRE project management

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