Working with Connamix, ASEL AG have under gone a digital transformation using the latest (2018) update of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Digitization has changed the way we work, communicate and interact, forcing companies to adapt and adopt new, better suited business models. Now, everyone faces the same challenge: How do we manage this transition into the digital age?

“Every business process is being digitized […] For this evolution to be successful, we must move from monolithic suites and disconnected data silos to modern, modular apps with a common data model”

– Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

At Connamix, we help our customers seize every opportunity rising from digitization. Our specific solutions focus on construction and facilities management.

ASEL AG is an international company based in Northern Germany. Their strengths lie in industrial services, facility management and renewable energy. They have 11 branches in 5 countries and more than 1,600 employees, and are reliant on the latest version of NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive ERP software system that grows with your business. It is fully customizable, so can be adapted to suit business needs. With Connamix optimization all processes can be streamlined. Dynamics NAV drives the core of your business, whilst allowing you to control individual operations. ASEL AG were attracted to the software due to the mature ecosystem, cloud integration and multi-device interface.

Due to the drive for cloud computing and internal expansion, 2018 was the perfect time to begin the change process. Connamix have supported ASEL AG with the digitization of their company. Using Dynamics NAV 2018 as a base and extending the functionality via our industry leading add-ons, Connamix have expertise, reliability and passion to deliver the best solution for you.

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