Moving to the Cloud: Why do you need a digital game plan?

We often notice slowed-down innovation in companies due to relatively heavyweight, interconnected core applications. This is a shame, because ‘light’ and flexible applications, particularly for ERP let you act so much faster. New, cloud-based ERP solutions empower modern, lean processes which enable fast innovation and a quicker response to customer demands.

But what does a modern scenery of applications and add-ons look like for your business? And which route do you need to follow to get there?

Time for a digital game plan: Time for Success. Time for Cloud.

Most companies are aware that they easily can improve their final outcome by using modern technology, such as smart data applications and apps. They could innovate faster and react more effectively to the ever-changing demands of the market. Sad, but true, most companies don’t bring it to practice. That’s why we a need for the following:

  1. Intelligent insights, at any time, preferably via DIY dashboards for a direct reaction.
  2. Pragmatic IoT applications to automate processes with low-code technology (e.g., Power Apps).
  3. The option to develop and test new business models, such as a subscription model (as-a-service) based solution.
  4. AI and machine learning data-driven work and assistance.
  5. Flexibility and mobility that allows employees to work better together anytime, anywhere, from any location – especially now due to Covid restrictions.

Even so we see many of our customers struggling to define their IT strategy and landscape. Namely, how do you make the transition to far-reaching digitization? How can you create an IT landscape which supports your strategy instead of obstructing your progress? A digital game plan is indispensable to get started.

How do you choose the right cloud ERP solution?

When developing your digital strategy, you should have a closer look at what solutions and changes will bring the quickest and most efficient benefits. But keep in mind to also consider how to manage and deal with risks. First and foremost, you do not want to migrate an entire platform with all business-critical applications to the cloud all at once. Hence, the drawing up of a digital approach starts with an exploratory process.

At CONNAMIX we help customers with a discovery concept as the starting point of your digital transformation. We look in more details at the current application landscape, in consideration of the business strategy. Afterwards, we decide which technology is needed to realize your business strategy. Quite often, Cloud ERP solutions are an important cornerstone of a stepwise implementation of the Dynamics 365 platform.

The four corners of the digital game plan

At CONNAMIX we offer you a series of E-books in which we describe the four main pillars of our digital game plan. Ask for it now.

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