Win the digital game and transform customer experiences with your Customer Data Platform (CDP)

As businesses seek to raise their digital game and transform customer experiences, an CDP delivers the promise of building a rich customer view with an end-to-end look into the customer journey. Therefore, start your Customer Data platform now!

Despite all headwinds in 2020 (the global pandemic, economic downturn, and technology budgets clipped, etc.) the demand for customer data platforms (CDP) and their use are booming. Since customers and clients have drastically moved to online channels and more and more prefer to do online shopping, companies run at full steam ahead on digital transformation efforts. Organizations across sectors and geographies show more certainty to report a significant boost in cloud computing, cloud working, varying customer needs, and customer preferences for remote interactions.

Check out the three major trends which have an impact on how businesses think about customer experiences proceeding, and how a powerful, real-time customer data platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights lets you compile transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to form a holistic, all-round view of your customers.

Trending top 3 Customer Data Platforms

1.      CDP: Physical gets digital with augmented reality

Step by step we are moving into an era where almost everything we see has the potential to become a transaction. When talking about selling, it no longer is a question of online or offline. Neither only black and white. Social media, streaming channels, or in-store—eCommerce gets physical with augmented reality, while stores go digital.

On one hand, augmented reality gives your customers the typical “in-store” feeling: thy online shoppers experience in tailor made, store-like vibes and can try your products virtually. AI-powered personal assistants complement this adventure with individualized recommendations.

On the other hand, the transformation of the traditional retail space continues as a new breed of “stores without walls”. An innovation that goes beyond the confines of the physical space to create a blended experience. In this manner in-store customers can find and order out-of-stock products online; they can also receive location-targeted texts about items they have browsed online that are available in the store.

2.      CDP: Personalization through partnership

This personal customer experience is enhanced by several touchpoints along their journey which demands tight cross-functional alignment. It’s the time, where customer experience teams will join forces: marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT – all tigether to drive customer experience initiatives. A crucial part of this partnership is breaking down silos through shared access to data and analytics that offer real-time visibility.

Collaboration across veracious departments gives businesses the chance to serve customers intelligently all along from acquisition to checkout and delivery.

3.      CDP: Agile and integrated technologies open the track

Carrying on strong customer experiences calls for a real-time pulse on modifying customer preferences and agile innovation to address them.

Companies invest in modern and adaptable technologies which meet worldwide, international sustainability objectives and uphold data security and privacy standards. Those technologies will move the boundaries as they are increasingly agile, operate in real-time, and integrate with everyday business applications.

Just think about the AI-powered virtual agents for self-service we all know: conversational interfaces or augmented reality that helps to improve first-time fix rates and conduct remote audits. And all this while decreasing costs and carbon footprints by avoiding unnecessary travel.

How do your customers experience their journey? How did you react to last year’s headwinds? Are you already serving an CDP?

No company, large or small, can avoid the digital transformation. The expectations of customers, partners, employees and the market dictate that your own business processes. Maybe your entire business model, must be adapted to the new, digital age.

Sooner or later, the only way to gain competitive advantage for your company is by cloud computing.Bring business and IT together and benefit from the optimization of value-adding processes to create new value for your customers.

Work on Microsoft’s cloud servers and use cloud-based solutions that enable virtual access from anywhere: at home, in the office, on the road or while traveling – you remain mobile and flexible. Of course, you still have the option of working on your own servers – the choice is yours.

Together with CONNAMIX, you can take the successful step into digitalization. We help you select the software and present you custom-fit individualizations for your business. Furthermore, we take charge of the implementation of your perfect system. Feel free to benefit from our experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

Feel free to contact us! We provide you with practical advice and are happy to support you in your project.

Customer Data Platform CDP

Customer Data Platform CDP

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