What is ERP Software?

ERP Systems: They are the digital heart of your company, and an integral part of modern IT infrastructure, but what exactly are they?

The dictionary definition of ERP software (or Enterprise Resource Planning) is:

Enterprise resource planning is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

But what does this mean for you and your company?
ERP is essentially a tool for managing information, which is the organised collection, storage and use of information for the benefit of an enterprise. Most companies will organise their data through islands of information – a customer data base (CRM), order management, accounting systems, spread sheets and manual processes. Getting these ‘islands’ to communicate can be a challenge, and often impacts efficiency.

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This is where an ERP system comes in. The ERP will centralize all the information across your organisation, allowing business processes to be streamlined, and connected end-to-end. A single customer view improves service, employees access the data they need whenever they need it improving efficiency and data analysis becomes simpler.

Dynamics NAV

There are many ERP systems out there, but what is best for you?
Connamix provide packages from Microsoft, a trusted corporation whose solution (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is established with a 300000+ user base.

In today’s digital age, it is important to consider modern ERP.

‘Modern’ ERP allows you to do even more than seamlessly manage your data.
It is flexible, scalable and mobile thanks to cloud technology. Integration with the applications you already use, like Exchange and Office 365, makes communication easier, whether it’s across your company or with clients. Modern software presents the opportunity to connect through customer portals, and improve your business processes through Power BI.

Dynamics 365 is one such system, that gives you the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the scalability of the cloud. Using Dynamics 365, you can get a fully functional, scalable solution managed by experts for the fraction of the cost of a traditional on-premise solution.

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