What are the benefits of a CRM Migration?

The world is changing, is your CRM too?

Your organization comprises a wealth of data: not only internal but also customer details. But what to do with all the information, how to store them, and most importantly, how to get smart insights?

Are your customers the same as before? Are they just like they were a couple of years ago? Do you use the benefits of a CRM system? Well, and is it already talking to your other systems? Did you ever question whether the current setup of your CRM system is still following the real world or your business objectives? I mean, do you have mobile access to all functions? Does your system offer a mobile app version to get to your list of leads? Could you arrange reports quickly and easily right now?

Each new version of CRM brings with it a bunch of new, further developed functionality and features. All this leads to the consideration of upgrading the system in the context of realizing your growth ambitions.

Benefit from standardized business applications in your CRM

Technical restrictions, functional needs, or management expenses, sometimes, are a big trigger to switch to a new version.

More and more organizations make the move. They made a calculated choice to minimize the amount of customization. Say yes to the migration and benefit from standard software supplemented as appropriate with certified add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a standard solution filled with intelligent business applications and possibilities. Offering both an On-Premise and cloud-based total solution allows you to purchase in a modular manner, on a sub-process and/or role basis, at the moment you need it.

How to benefit from a CRM?

Together with you, we draw up the current CRM landscape, determine and detect chokepoints in your existing setup. We not only identify but consider the wishes of the organization.

CONNAMIX experts will advise you on the type of migration process that perfectly adapts to your organization: a process-driven business migration, or instead, a technical one? You also can decide to attend one of our Discovery workshops in which we look at what business benefits to expect when upgrading.

CRM: From proactive support to continuous innovation

The Maintenance and optimization of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application have to be well-managed. CONNAMIX provides a broad spectrum of application management services, ranging from tracking patches to fully outsourcing the management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

Our team of experienced experts and specialists guarantees that you can continue to work with your business-critical systems without any worries. In this way, you can keep on focusing on your core activities and keeping your business on track. Make it run to its optimum performance level in this rapidly changing world.

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