Looking for the best Microsoft Partner for Your Business

Once your company made the decision that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 benefits harmonize with your organization’s needs, it’s time to pick an official Microsoft Partner. Without a doubt, a tough question of all, since the partner is there to assist you during the implementation of the new system.

There are many. Seriously, millions of them. Well… at least google lists about 622.000.000 results. (07/2021)

Microsoft Partner

You have plenty of options when choosing a Microsoft partner. Sure, it is a fantastic advantage, but being able to choose only one is an advantage just when you exactly know what to look for. You need to know which criteria to use to find the perfect and best Microsoft partner for you.

What to look for in the best Microsoft Partner?

But what exactly do you should look for when opting for the best? Based on our customer’s stories we made a list which might be helpful to you

Customer Service

Careful! Don’t be the next warning example in hiring someone with careless customer service. Optimal customer service is responsive and direct! The means they stay in instant communication with you and your team. But superior customer service also stands for an active effort in understanding your unique business needs. Two businesses can never be the same, neither do they have the same needs, requirements, and demands. Your best Microsoft partner sets about the discovery process while having this in mind.

Areas of Competency that are Aligned with Your Needs

Not all companies need the whole package of skills. Every Microsoft Partner has his areas of strengths. So your job when choosing the best is finding that specific one, whose strengths meet your needs. Initially, brainstorm with your team what the system exactly should be able to do.

  • Do you need strong visual reporting?
  • Do your manufacturing or service departments need IoT technologies?
  • Do want to migrate onto the cloud?
  • Do you have difficulties in choosing between an On-Premise system or a cloud system? Hybrid Cloud? Public Cloud? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?
  • Etc.

When rating a Microsoft partner, you definitely should ask what he specializes in and what kinds of solutions he implements the most. Don’t be afraid to solicit a list of the team’s skillsets. With these answers, you will understand how well they’ll do the job of implementing your required Microsoft solutions.

A partnership doesn’t start with the implementation, neither ends after going live

The best Microsoft partner is the one who is exactly this: a partner! Not only Microsoft’s but also yours! Top Microsoft partners don’t disappear the day after your system goes live. A professional Microsoft Partner makes sure your staff is trained, if not both sides should consider training as part of the agreement. A training of trainers and leaders as documentations are a perfect and valuable way to assure that you profit from expertise. Best of class answers any questions that come up about your system.

YOUR best Microsoft Partner? CONNAMIX!

CONNAMIX can be the best Microsoft partner for your organization. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner; therefore we hold the highest levels of technical and business skills that a partner can achieve.

CONNAMIX also provides the highest level of customer service to our clients. One of the meaningful and important components of our long-term customer approach is our 24/7 proactive globally managed service offers t make sure you maintain the longevity of your system.

To learn more about how our expert at CONNAMIX can meet your business needs. Get in touch with us, today.


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