Get the best out of your cloud migration

When transferring the IT environment to the cloud, you immediately gain additional value for your business. It is essential to realize that the advantage of your cloud migration relies heavily on your IT environment‘s setup.

Specifying the right strategy is no easy feat as each situation is as different and special as each customer. The main point is to provide customers and clients with a holistic plan of the current situation. It is also crucial to deliver a plan with all goals you wish to achieve. Businesses need to align their business objectives with their IT strategy in a roadmap. Thus, you can gain the maximum advantage of cloud migration.

Since this is no daily project for most organizations, the -probably- smartest way to realize it anyway is to hire a reliable partner who has a wealth of experience in this area.

No right nor wrong: advantage cloud migration

Working with the right strategy is one of the most important parts of cloud migration. In this manner, you can easily transfer everything to the cloud, but also choose to follow it in a phased approach. There’s no way to be officially right or wrong.

Savings – no matter the service.

Your degree of flexibility, scalability, and cost savings depends on which Service you chose: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Using all services from the cloud means no longer have a cost of buying or maintaining and managing hardware.

But working your way to the cloud with small steps, lets you notice all benefits in terms of scalability. Get the exact amount of services you need and not even one bit more. Bye-bye to certain peak-timed IT environments.

Added value

Every quality cloud transformation starts with the basics, “cloud foundation” so to speak. This layer is where the technical foundation of your IT is built on: e.g. security, identity & access management, etc.

When that base is intact, you can start transferring workloads such as an application, a process, or even a complete server. Ideally, you already identified those processes to which cloud services can add extra value to reap cloud migration benefits.

Gain benefit from your cloud migration

To achieve all kinds of benefits and advantages of your cloud migration, you may now consider translating your business goals into an IT roadmap. Find a way to describe record your selections your migration strategy. To gain the maximum benefit from the cloud, think about contacting a specialized partner for assistance.

Feel free to contact the best to discuss your situation.

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