DevOps and agile working are part of the Cloud

Todays’ modern ERP solutions call for modern installment. What on earth does this mean? We recognize a permanent and steady change in cloud-based ERP systems, just like Dynamics 365. And by this, we mean that the IT architecture is never really ‘ready’. In the past organizations had to make sure they stay up to date by getting an ERP update or ERP implementation once every 7 – 10 years. Nowadays, cloud applications are updated monthly. This fact forces changes in project management, managed services, and upgrades. Time for new approaches! 

Today, we want to concentrate on DevOps: an agile method for teamwork – projects and management go hand in hand. 

DevOps teams for more Agility in the Cloud

Agile cloud working in practice

DevOps Agile Circle

In revamping the IT landscape, which also includes ERP systems, a lot of companies struggle with the design and the requirements as both are a point to change during the project. And don’t forget about continuous changes/improvements/innovations in technology. So: how to manage time and budget? And when to go live again?

To carry out all these needs, our CONNAMIX experts opt for agility and thus for an agile way of working. We do not just focus on implementing new applications, but also keep in mind how to handle the management and upgrading of solutions. For this purpose, we think in cycles: 

Best buddies: DevOps, agile working, and cloud applications

In for a penny, in for a pound! Evolution, innovation, and agility come together with cloud software. Monthly updated applications require a different way of working. Among other things, automated tests have a huge impact, as it gets a lot easier to quickly check out new ideas or try process alternatives. Cloud technology isn’t only asking but screaming for active change management and committed end users. Cloud applications need the commitment to test and the willingness and readiness to fine-tune processes as well during the project as after the release.


Kristan Smith is Dynamics 365 consultant at CONNAMIX. Together with other CX experts, he works innovatively and agilely in DevOps teams. Kristan is convinced about this way of working:

In the past, a bunch of different people worked on issues, problems, and changes from all kinds of directions – across the whole company. Consequently, knowledge was split. That often, made the process longer than necessary. Therefore the solution to the problem took longer. Now, our team is completely in charge of the issues, changes, and optimization of various regular clients. The team consists of developers, technical consultants, and functional consultants. They all share the knowledge regarding the entire Microsoft Dynamics modules so that the entire expertise is combined in one team.

How can DevOps support modern organization?

A modern application landscape is not and never can be finished. New (cloud) landscape comes with fresh models and yet unused ways of working. Both, the delivery and the management, investigate a state of ongoing development, betterment, and progress with a closer collaboration – rather than within one team.

With DevOps teams you can stay agile and enjoy all benefits of cloud computing.

That’s what we call DevOps.

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