Convincing sales and marketing: From prospect to lasting customer

Many retailers have already created personalized online experiences for their customers or are heavily investing in this field. We at CONNAMIX think that B2B customers count on the same level of attention and service from their suppliers. Customized offers, frictionless channels, and ordering 24/7, etc. From any place and any device.

To fulfill your customer’s expectations, even your marketing has to transform. Convert activities based on large, impersonal data analysis to actions and events. Make sure that those cater specifically to your lead, prospect or customer’s needs. CDPs (Customer data platforms) together with AI enable a 360-degree view of the individual customer. It helps you to follow through on those insights to optimize customer engagement continuously.

Four goals in intelligent sales and marketing

1. Create more demand

It’s not enough! Leaning on only E-Mail campaigns to source leads is simply too little. Create multi-channel campaigns, including social media with for example Dynamics 365 for Marketing

2. A customized buyer experiences

Make sure your customers don’t keep on having to introduce themselves each time they return to your company; either by your website, your customer service or chat. Try giving your staff insights in the purchase history and predict buyer intent.

3. Build relationships at scale

Have you ever thought of combining Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator? This power duo empowers your salesforce and enriches your pipeline.

4. Data-insights based decisions

Reveal insights in your customer data, so that marketing and sales teams can truly coordinate their activities. Dynamics 365 for Marketing provide data for your insight-driven decisions. Improve performance, empower employees and gain strategic insights.

Modern sales and marketing platforms

Modern sales and marketing activities go side by side, across the full customer cycle. Win the customer on a holistic level and build a lasting relationship, based on credibility and trust.

Use the latest technologies and merge sales and marketing platforms, combine them with smart data intelligence. You can then run perfect multi-channel, multi-country, or multi-language campaigns. It helps you to increase leads, build a personal experience, and anticipate and respond quickly to your client’s needs.

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