Challenge accepted: Implementation of Predictive Maintenance

IoT-using companies collect a significant amount of data. But in most cases, they are not prepared enough to harness the full potential. Not only a waste but also a big loss. Especially in service organizations, this beneficial and priceless data can help predictive maintenance. Most companies consider mature in the field of preventative maintenance.

Predictive maintenance not only assures more efficient business processes but definitely leads to more and higher customer satisfaction and therefore retention! Even though people say and write a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, too often there’s nothing more than words. Where are the actions?

Operational excellence – Predictive and effective

How to define operational excellence? Perfectly fulfilled customer needs. To be great at this, it is primary to carefully listen to and think about their needs. Ask yourself: Do they want air conditioning or a pleasant indoor climate? They surely want a pleasant indoor climate which leads to the conclusion that they may need an AC. But you need to go further: you will need to offer a total solution, not just a single product.

By supply a heating boiler with smart sensors, you can predict when it will need maintenance – thanks to the access of predictive maintenance. Smart sensors can smartly collect data which, in turn, can be gathered and automatically analyzed. Take advantage of this and use the data to raise precise maintenance predictions.

Big Data – The new gold. Predictive maintenance never has been easier

Think of IoT as an enabler and Big Data as its results. Profit from the new gold of Big Data – always with one purpose: predictive maintenance. Thus, it is crucial to determine limits. They are action triggering values once they are exceeded. When this happens, technologies (e.g. Machine Learning) can run automatic alternatives as a consequence (thanks to e.g. Machine Learning). Let’s have a look at an example: an escalator generates data (number of rotations, the speed, the total weight of people, and the air humidity), and there is a specific special combination, the system can automatically do a certain action, or maybe create a work task to plan a service technician to do preventative maintenance.

It is essential to pool collected data into one single platform in the cloud – enjoy your life and make it easier. Not only that you can manage data fast and more efficiently when cloud computing, but also advanced technology is more available. Adapt it easily to specific purposes from the cloud, too.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that system upgrades and updates will be provided to cloud users first. Be up-to-date and have access to your data from anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing and online working is a huge advantage.

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