Multi-Geo Support for Azure Embedded Power BI

Microsoft recently announced the capability for international organisations to utilise their Power BI Embedded data in many regions across the world.

In July of this year, Microsoft announced that Power BI Premium supported multi-geo (preview). This same feature has now been rolled out to customers using Power BI embedded, a non-premium product. Power BI provides resources dedicated to running the Power BI service for an organisation or team, delivering dependable performance and the ability to run larger data volumes. The Premium version also permits widespread distribution of content without requiring companies to purchase per-user licenses for viewers of the information.

multi geo support azure power bi

The new functionality means you can choose between different regions to deploy your capacity, with the home tenant always set as the default. Users of the Power BI Embedded service in Azure use APIs to embed their dashboards and reports. As part of the preview version of the multi-geo feature, Microsoft also made changes to existing APIs to support the new feature.

Source: Microsoft Power BI Blog – Nimrod Shalit

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