How to successfully implement an ERP system

An ERP implementation is the best investment you can ever make. It helps your business to pace up your customer service deliveries, to keep your data organized and to keep your growth systematized. Decide to start your ERP project now and enjoy the benefits of your new system after implementation.

Whether you are a Multi-National or an SME, with the growing advancements in technology there is no doubt that your competition is getting tougher each day.

Therefore, there is a growing need to better organize your business processes, keep your customers satisfied and improve on your profit making skills.

ERP Facts

With an ERP system you will have access to accurate, real-time information about daily operations which helps companies to reduce operational costs by 23% and administration costs by 22%.

Every ERP project is unique and requires a detailed approach that do not become relevant until much later in a project, right? WRONG! An ERP project should not be seen as an IT-project but as a complete business project.

Of course, we could tell you or work out a step-by-step high level process guide. But do your really want to know about all the steps? Why waist time and money for an implementation that fails in the end when you can easily just ask the experts of CONNAMIX for help?!?

But there you go:

12 guide for a successful project of internal ERP system implementation

ERP implementation system guide success
  1. Define scope of implementation and end objectives
  2. Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your ERP system
  3. Create the project plan.
  4. Define phases of implementation.
  5. Make urgent but achievable schedule.
  6. Make a communication plan.
  7. Arrange mid-way approvals.
  8. Plan your testing.
  9. Migrate business data
  10. Prepare for the change
  11. Plan your Go-Live
  12. Support and maintenance

Successful ERP implementation with Connamix

Want to celebrate a successful ERP implementation at the first try?

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