Get the best out of your cloud migration

When moving your IT environment into the cloud, you gain extra value for your business straight away. Therefore, it’s crucial to realize and understand that your cloud migration’s advantage leans seriously on your IT environment’s setup.

Determining the perfect strategy for your business is no easy work as every situation is as unique and special as each customer. The key is to provide customers and clients with a comprehensive plan of the present situation. It is also essential to deliver a project plan with all the specific targets you want to achieve. Companies have to adjust their business goals with their IT strategy in a roadmap. Hence, you get the maximum out of your cloud migration.

As cloud migration is no daily project for most businesses, the -probably- most thoughtful way to realize it anyway is to work with a trustworthy partner who has a lot of successful experience in this field.

No right nor wrong: advantage cloud migration

Having found the perfect solution and proper strategy is one of the essential parts of this project. In this way, you can quickly move everything to the cloud and follow the plan in a phased manner. When it comes to this, there’s no official right or wrong.

Save money and resources within your cloud migration– no matter the service.

Depending on your chosen level, you’re dealing with a different level of flexibility, scalability, and cost savings: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Working entirely in the cloud has the enormous benefit of no longer buying, maintaining, and managing the hardware. Not having to do this anymore means no costs for it neither.

Moving forward into the cloud with one step after another shows you all kinds of benefits in terms of scalability: you only will work with the exact amount of services you need and not one bit more.

Add extra value when migrating.

Each qualitative valuable cloud migration and transformation begins with the basics. Let’s call it the “cloud base.” It’s the level where you built the technical foundation of your IT: e.g., security, identity & access management, etc.

When this foundation is stable and intact, you are ready to transfer workloads: e.g., an application, a process, a complete server, etc.

You have already identified all processes to which cloud services can add extra value in a perfect scenario. By this, you can reap cloud migration benefits.

Gain benefit from your cloud migration

For all cloud benefits and advantages, you may now start to consider mapping your business goals. To achieve the maximum out of the cloud, contact a professional and specialized partner.

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