Boost your Sales with Conversation Intelligence

We already gave you a lot om imput when it comes to Dynamics 365 and its CRM-options including Sales Insights. But we never actually talked about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights next evolution: Conversation Intelligence (formerly known as call intelligence).

Conversation Intelligence makes the Sales Insights generally available. With the addition of Conversation Intelligence in your Sales Insights application, you will use this knowledge to optimize sales calls at scale and gain critical business insights.

Headstart with Conversation Intelligence

As the world of sales is increasing its adoption of digital transformation, businesses are looking for ways to help boost their sales team’s productivity and give them tools, like conversation intelligence, that help them focus on winning deals without distractions.

As a seller your daily routine is full of calls with different customers regarding various deals. In each call, you need to note all your commitments to your customers and try to remember what they committed to do. Later, you need to find the time to follow up on those commitments such as sending a follow-up email, setting up meetings, updating information regarding the deal, and much more.

Starting today, you can forget about forgetting. With this update to action items, you can focus on what really matters which means being more engaged in the conversation and gaining the customer’s trust.

Harness the power of AI

Sales organizations are looking for ways to harness the power of AI and transform their business.

Every time salespeople interact with customers, data is created in several systems. Thus, organizations are left seeking ways to extract value from their data assets. Customer conversations are a critical part of the sales cycle, directly contributing to sales and revenue generation. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights offers conversation intelligence to deliver powerful insights. It couples customer call-recordings data with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 data.

Sales Insights goes beyond analyzing rudimentary measures about communication. This may be how often sellers are responding to customers. Or even how many meetings were set up with customers, to truly analyzing what they’re talking about within the sales conversation. What better way to understand customer needs than being a “fly-on-the-wall” across real customer conversations?

Transform imagination to reality!

Transform imagination to reality not only by offering sellers an opportunity to realize their full potential. Also give organizations the power to effortlessly comb through millions of customer conversations. With conversation intelligence, organizations can find common patterns and extract meaningful insights. New sales motion strategies can now proactively address competitive threats and benefit from upselling opportunities to make every sales team nimbler.

Sales training strategies are made better, as managers leverage learnings from conversation intelligence. By understanding unique seller behaviors and recognizing what works well for top performers, managers can develop more personalized sales training. As a result, sales teams are empowered to nurture positive customer interactions and to propagate “rockstar” behaviors across the team. This is just the beginning…

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