Power Apps: wishes do come true 

In today’s fast-paced world and the wave of modernization and digitalization, everyone needs a convincing solution to their problem – and the faster, the better. Answer your customers’ demands faster than the competitors and develop your own apps in an uncomplicated and simple manner without much effort, coding or programming knowledge. 

Microsoft Dynamics Power Apps

Have you been thinking for quite a long time that some of your solutions would be perfect to be an app or would you like the right application to process certain processes? With Microsoft and the Power Apps, wishes do come true and ideas are implemented.

Microsoft Power Apps 

Turn ideas into business solutions by enabling everyone to develop individual applications that solve business challenges. Independent of external developers with expensive specialist knowledge and development experience, which often require several months for perfect implementation and functionality, you can now simply create your own apps in just a few hours. Because with expressions that are strongly reminiscent of Excel, the logic of individual development is comprehensible for everyone. 

Microsoft enables an easy integration of your data and information and promises that the apps will work both in the browser and in a mobile environment on iOS and Android systems. 

You can expect many advantages with Microsoft Power Apps: 

Individual apps – by everyone, for everyone 

Using templates, anyone in your company can create applications using AI-based technologies and make the results available to other employees. Your apps can be expanded or customized at any time. 

Start with your data model and business processes to automatically create responsive applications that can run on any device. You can adjust business data via drag & drop and provide a customized interface for each role in the company. 

Tailor-made apps for every task 

Create the perfect app for your task and use the tools provided to optimize productivity: 

Start with the design of your user interface and adjust every detail of your app individually to ensure the best possible optimization of the respective tasks and roles. You can incorporate a variety of control functions such as cameras and location detection into your apps for any device or simply use a sample app that illustrates business scenarios such as expense reports or site inspections. 

Business innovation meets apps 

Audits, field service support and integrated marketing views – with Power Apps you can map a variety of app scenarios that brings the digital transformation of manual and obsolete processes. With the help of more than 200 connectors, both data and systems can be integrated.  

Create apps that on the one hand solve problems for task and role-specific scenarios and on the other hand store information and model processes 

Why? Therefore? 

With Microsoft, you can create professional apps on a stand-alone basis in order to adapt processes to modern possibilities and thus master manual challenges digitally. Ultimately, they increase the agility of the company and optimize employee productivity. 

Your app idea as a personal demo 

Do you think that your idea is ideally suited as an app and that Microsoft Power Apps is exactly the right thing for you and your company, but you hesitate to contact us? Simply try out the application by requesting a free demo version or by securing access to sample apps: https://signup.microsoft.com/Start?sku=powerapps_viral&ru=https%3a%2f%2fweb.powerapps.com % 2flogin% 2fportal 

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