CX Service – A holistic solution for facilities management

The CX Service is a complete package developed to guarantees satisfied customers and happy employees! See all pieces of the puzzle as a whole and bring customers, support, and field service together.

Just like all other of our products, the CX Service add-on is directly and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Discover the all-in-one package

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• CX Portal

Acts as a ticket system in which customers and employees describe their problems for support.

• CX Service

Support employees can create work orders in the CX service module and then hand them over to the field service.

Planer Scheduler

• CX Resorce Scheduler

You can assign tasks explicitly to individual employees in our planning module.

• CX PPM Scheduler

Plan recurring, regular work tasks in the CX PPM Planner problem-free and uncomplicated, and above all, in good time.

CX Service – your intelligent ticket system

Offer your customers and employees a user-friendly portal framework that works on all end devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or PCs.

Ticket with system

Keep a complete overview of all tickets and their evolution.  
CX Service Portal TicketsCX service Portal Charts

CX Service as direct integration into your ERP system

Like all of our add-ons, CX Service is directly and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Unlike in the BC Standard, with our module, you can select the work orders immediately when issuing the invoice and include them in the invoice.

Book all work orders, create related charges and link all work done for the invoice. And all of this directly and efficiently in the CX service module in your BC.

CX Scheduler to top it off

The CX Scheduler is the ideal addition to round off your service package sensibly and intelligently in the CX Service Complete Package.

CX PPM module for recurring tasks

The software module ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)’ shows all recurring tasks graphically. The module fulfills all requirements of a diverse customer base; From internal facility management to real estate departments to service providers to maintain the real estate and systems.

Thanks to years of constant and carefully thought-out development, the PPM module is part of a unique, multi-modular CX solution designed to control all aspects of property and plant maintenance.

CONNAMIX Scheduler Planer PPM

Regardless of what it is about: whether task planning to prevent the mechanical failure of systems (system optimization), the completion of an audit, or other general planned work … Our CX PMM planner is the ideal solution to support you in the management of repetitive tasks.

Thanks to the seamless integration into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, all work orders stored there are displayed graphically and clearly. The module impresses with its intuitive handling and efficient control of the administration of legal and non-legal tasks.

Resource module for direct assignment of tasks

Thanks to the direct integration of the CX Resource Planner, you can assign all work orders created in Business Central directly to individual employees in real-time.

Our CX resource planner provides you with an overall view of the company’s resources. The capacity and the use of the individual resources are displayed graphically; The selection can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, depending on requirements.

CX Planer Ressourcen

CX Service is directled connected to your Microsoft Office 365 products

The direct integration into Office 365 and thus also into Outlook makes our products innovative in resource planning. Appointments are automatically entered in the responsible employee’s Microsoft Outlook calendar and sent by email as a reminder. Scheduling has never been so efficient and easy! Map all resources of a company and the associated capacity utilization directly in all Office 365 products.

CX Estimation

CX Estimation is a combination of construction and business management and, with the integrated GAEB interface, forms your perfect construction industry solution in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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CX eInvoice

CX eInvoice is seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is your solution for ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, PEPPOL.

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CX Scheduler

The CX Scheduler is a visual planning board that allows you to process orders and resources in an agile, efficient, and secure way directly in Business Central.

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CX Service

With CX Service, you extend the functionality of project accounting to ensure full integration with sales.

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