CX eInvoice

Create and send eInvoices easily and legally compliant directly in your Microsoft Dynamics 365

Send XInvoice, ZUGFeRD and PEPPOL directly, easily and legally compliant from Business Central

CX eInvoice is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) standard and does not require any adjustments in your ERP system. The module is the solution for anyone who needs to send eInvoices – the new, electronic document formats – to the authorities.

With CX eInvoice, you can set up the document formats for ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and PEPPOL directly in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Assign the appropriate document send profile to the customers.
  • When calling up “Send voucher“ in the posted service and sales invoices or credit notes.
  • These vouchers are converted into an XML file and can be sent directly by e-mail or via upload to the respective authority.

Our solution lets you convert your own documents to the XInvoice format or to modify information elements or add them from other sources. The creation as well as the dispatch is logged in the document journal entries.

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Seamless Integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Like all CX apps, CX eInvoice is directly and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The entire process takes place in the ERP system, so employees don’t have to get used to new workflows or launch an external program. Start seamlessly into a more effective, productive and legally compliant future with CONNAMIX.

How does CX eInvoice work?

Our solution for your eInvoices: ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and PEPPOL

  • Set up eInvoices as new electronic document formats in Business Central.
  • Assign document format to customers using the appropriate document send profile
  • when “Send voucher“ is called in the posted service and sales invoices or credit notes
  • these vouchers are converted into an XML file
  • the vouchers can be sent via mail or upload to the respective authority

Why eInvoice? Why CX eInvoice?

As of 27.11.2020, it will apply to public authorities that invoices may only be transmitted electronically. It is also quite conceivable that this will affect invoice processing for companies among themselves in the future.

So anyone who has federal authorities, constitutional bodies, a ministry or another invoice recipient at federal level as a customer will actually have to be able to issue the required Xinvoices very soon. This is because after the cut-off date, federal government clients will no longer be allowed to accept invoices that do not comply with the European specifications. Simple PDF invoices or even paper invoices will then be rejected and no longer paid.

The use of ZUGFeRD is already common practice in times of digitalization: create, send, receive and of course process invoices digitally.

With CX eInvoice, all common document formats are covered.

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CX eInvoice

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CX eInvoice

Why Digitize?

No company, large or small, can avoid the digital transformation. The expectations of customers, partners, employees and the market dictate that your own business processes, and perhaps even your entire business model, must be adapted to the new, digital age.

Sooner or later, the only way to gain competitive advantage for your company is by cloud computing. By making successful IT infrastructures and applications more efficient, cost-effective, and secure through various phases of cloud migration, resources, employees, data and processes are connected in a new way that is uncomplicated, mobile and flexible at all times. Bring business and IT together and benefit from the optimization of value-adding processes to create new value for your customers.

Work on Microsoft’s cloud servers and use cloud-based solutions that enable virtual access from anywhere: at home, in the office, on the road or while traveling – you remain mobile and flexible. Of course, you still have the option of working on your own servers – the choice is yours.


Start Cloud Working

Do you want to know how to securely leverage the benefits of the cloud for your business? Would you like to learn which processes should move to the cloud first? Do you lack the time needed for cloud adoption? Do you plan to save costs during the onboarding process?

How should mid-sized companies approach their digital transformation? What are you hoping to achieve through automation? How will automation add value for your customers? Can you take it a step further and deliver value that truly differentiates you from your competitors or changes the parameters of your industry completely?

Together with CONNAMIX, you can take the successful step into digitalization. We help you select the software, present you with custom-fit individualizations for your business and take over the implementation of the perfect ERP system for you. You can also benefit from our experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

Feel free to contact us! We provide you with practical advice and are happy to support you in your project.

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