Business Intelligence BI

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence or, short, BI, is a set of operations, structures, frameworks, and technologies that translate raw data into meaningful, significant information that drives profitable business actions. Nowadays, people define BI as a collection of software and services with which…

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ai technologies artificial intelligence machine learning

Get to know about these 5 AI technologies

Technologies that fuel the AI craze: artificial intelligence, deep/machine learning, etc. Artificial Intelligence Smart machines can, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), learn from experience. They, then, adjust to new inputs and though carry out human-like tasks. Most examples of AI…

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Conversation Intelligence Sales Insights

Boost your Sales with Conversation Intelligence

We already gave you a lot om imput when it comes to Dynamics 365 and its CRM-options including Sales Insights. But we never actually talked about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights next evolution: Conversation Intelligence (formerly known as call intelligence)….

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Hand touching Telecommunication network and wireless mobile internet technology with 5G LTE data connection of global business, fintech, blockchain

Business Improvements from Digital Transformations

Today, many companies are talking about going through a ‘digital transformation’ to improve their business outcomes. Behind the strapline, what is a digital transformation, and what tools are available to help you organisation utilize modern technology? Firstly, what is digital…

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Microsoft AI Robot Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Continue Commitment to AI

Last week Microsoft announced that it has acquired Lobe, a San Francisco based company who are working to make artificial intelligence simple and accessible. Artificial Intelligence is a growing industry, albeit slower than other technologies due to the lengthy process of building deep…

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