Intelligent Sales Marketing

Convincing sales and marketing: From prospect to lasting customer

Many retailers have already created personalized online experiences for their customers or are heavily investing in this field. We at CONNAMIX think that B2B customers count on the same level of attention and service from their suppliers. Customized offers, frictionless…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Be the leader of the pack with Microsoft Dynamics 365

There is no getting away from it, digital transformation is part of our everyday life as well on a private level as a professional one. Will you be left standing, or will you be the one to leave your competition…

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Cloud Digital Game Plan Strategy

Moving to the Cloud: Why do you need a digital game plan?

We often notice slowed-down innovation in companies due to relatively heavyweight, interconnected core applications. This is a shame, because ‘light’ and flexible applications, particularly for ERP let you act so much faster. New, cloud-based ERP solutions empower modern, lean processes…

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Embracing a flexible workplace

Since the pandemic has taken over, we all have learned a lot about productivity, flexibility, resilience, and compassion. Not only in private life but also in our workplace. Corona forced us to work in ways we never even thought to…

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process automation digital transformation

Automation For A Successful Digital Transformation

Here are a few ways automation can help to set you on the path to true digital transformation: Deliver World Class Customer Service Over-delivering on customer service is the single most important thing you can do to boost incomes. If…

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