DevOps teams for more Agility in the Cloud

DevOps and agile working are part of the Cloud

Todays’ modern ERP solutions call for modern installment. What on earth does this mean? We recognize a permanent and steady change in cloud-based ERP systems, just like Dynamics 365. And by this, we mean that the IT architecture is never really…

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Embracing a flexible workplace

Since the pandemic has taken over, we all have learned a lot about productivity, flexibility, resilience, and compassion. Not only in private life but also in our workplace. Corona forced us to work in ways we never even thought to…

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Agility agile

Agility – your chance/change to success

Let’s focus here on how Agile emerged, how it acquired the label Agile, and where it went from there. It’s important to take a look at where Agile software development came from to get an understanding of where things are…

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