The Benefits of a Cloud Solution

Microsoft Cloud Azure

In today’s world, companies from large-scale corporations to SMEs can benefit from an integrated cloud solution.
What are the advantages of a cloud solution for you?

Microsoft Cloud Azure


At Connamix, we believe technology can help and not hinder businesses. Implementing a more affordable, accessible cloud solution or integrating cloud services with on-premises data centres can reduce business costs and boost profits. Connamix can guide you through every step of this process, leading to digitisation.

Eliminating or reducing the size of your on-site data centre can reduce overhead expenses, and improve IT performance. At Connamix, we can work with you to find whether a hybrid or full-cloud solution is best for your business. Using a product like Azure will allow your IT professionals to be more productive and presents more options. You can easily integrate with existing IT environments through secure private connections, take advantage of hybrid storage solutions, and know your information is safe thanks to encryption features. Save money but protect your information with a trusted provided.

Streamline your processes to save money, and provide a better quality service to customers. With Dynamics 365 you have the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the scalability of the cloud, so you can expect improved project management across business processes. Dynamics 365 makes work easier for your resources; seamless integration with Office 365 means passwords are the same, assigning roles enables focused working, and the solution grows with your business.

Letting teams easily collaborate on projects promotes growth and drives progress. Connamix offer Microsoft SharePoint as the best software solution for the entire business. SharePoint allows you to manage, share or archive documents and information. It is central platform to improve collaboration across your enterprise, from Microsoft. As such the system is familiar and it will integrate with all other Microsoft products.

A major benefit of cloud integration is the vast array of data it provides. Visualising this information can help you gain deeper insights into your processes. Business decisions can be based on real time, quickly analysed data. With Power BI enhance your understanding of operations, finance, customer experience and personnel management. A uniform, integrated solution from Connamix will evaluate your risks and increase opportunities.

Connamix are confident in a Microsoft Cloud Solution. Microsoft provide continual updates to improve efficiency, security and functionality of their cloud products. We will keep you #up2date with all of these changes, and ensure your solution grows with your business. Microsoft programs are familiar to employees, and the Microsoft Power Platform makes integration seamless and easy.

Connamix can be your trusted partner, we have decades of experience across many industries. The power of data is indispensable for operational and strategic business decisions. We provide consultants who can optimise your processes, and then our UK support desk is open 24/7 offering global support from knowledgeable, friendly staff.

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Microsoft Cloud Azure

The Microsoft Cloud gives businesses the powerful and comprehensive business solutions they want with the flexibility they need.