Microsoft Power Platform

Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform users have a digital base with which complex work can be routinely simplified and processes in the company are digitally optimized, linked and automated at the push of a button. Existing business processes are transformed, and new models are developed. 

The applications of the Microsoft Power Platform represent solutions that on the one hand support conventional browser use and on the other hand, with a focus on mobility, can of course also be operated via smartphone or tablet. All data can be merged into one source and linked and expanded with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. 

Microsoft Power Platform Apps Automation BI

Power Apps 

With Power Apps, you have the perfect prerequisite for developing completely individual and user-defined applications without significant expense and thus projecting the knowledge of your organization: easily applicable, company-specific solutions in app form. The independently created apps serve as the basis to can handle once analog-manual business processes in a digital-automated way. 

And thanks to the use of the same Common Data Service of Dynamics 365, company data does not have to be entered manually; rather, they are already integrated directly into the company’s own private Power Apps. 

Power Automate 

Automatic workflows across apps? With Power Automate this is easily possible. The service optimizes the desired processes and can be expanded individually at any time without any programming knowledge being required. Power Automate guarantees automated workflows, simple application creation and modeling of business processes in the shortest possible time – even across cross-divisional or external data sources and services. Integrated AI functions give users more time to focus on strategic tasks. 

For example, do you need your daily reminders by email? Then have them sent to you automatically: simply create a workflow via Power Automate and never have to think about manual sending again. 

Power BI 

With Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) you have a quick decision-making aid with which you can intuitively analyze and create data as well as helpful dashboards and reports to make company decisions based on significant insights. 

Power Virtual Agents 

Thanks to Power Virtual Agents, it is very easy for companies to create intelligent chatbots without any programming. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents makes it possible to get into conversation with both customers and employees. 

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