With its collaboration software, Teams, Microsoft offers a platform to communicate with colleagues, partners or customers in real time and in a familiar chat form. Attachments and notes can be sent without any problems and meetings can be easily planned and held.

Microsoft Teams comes with a lot of benefits:

Integration into Microsoft 365

The direct integration into Microsoft 365, the leading office software, enables global use, in order to individually create personal contacts or work groups/teams on a virtual base and to get in “cyber touch” with them. With different tabs within a chat shared files can be found easily such as recent activities or common groups, The software offers you a further option which allows you to create new tabs independently: Microsoft suggests a large number of apps for this, so that users can access them even faster.

Connamix Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Flexible calling

With Microsoft Teams, users not only have instant messaging at their disposal but also the option of making phone calls or holding video conferences. On top of that, there is also the option to share screens – an option with which even difficult explanations or demo presentations can be easily understood.

Have you started a private chat and then realize that it would be useful to involve other people in the conversation? No problem – add them with just one click.

Connamix Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Unforgettable Chats

Long chats quickly get confusing; However, in order to always directly find the most important messages, simply save them or forward them as email. And if its one of your own messages or contribution, you are even free to edit it afterwards.

Is there nothing more to add to a message from your chat partner? Are you simply lost for words? Microsoft will be happy to let you speak with pictures or emojis. The well-known key combinations :), :(, :D, etc. work perfectly without any problems in the Teams and are automatically converted into the corresponding emoticon.

Connamix Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Meetings – when, where and with whom you want

Would you like to suggest a date for a meeting to potential customers, partners or other people? Plan your appointment in the Microsoft Outlook calendar, invite all parties to a Teams meeting and mail the date.

Teamwork makes the dream work

With Microsoft Teams, you not only have global communication at your feet, but you can also work flexibly and mobile. Foreign assignments, home offices, international partners – no problem with Microsoft Teams.

CONNAMIX has been aware of these advantages for years and our employees use Teams daily. We are happy to help you with the purchase and initialization of the complete Microsoft 365 package. Start your efficiency today and contact us.

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