Microsoft SharePoint: The Next Level of Collaboration

Connamix CX Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration

Share Point is the best collaboration software for your whole team and allows you to manage, share or archive documents and information. It is central platform to improve collaboration across your enterprise. With help from Connamix, your users can begin using SharePoint straight away.

SharePoint is a collaboration service from Microsoft, as such it will integrate with all your other Microsoft products. The system is familiar and intuitive, so you can quickly see your productivity increase.

You can read more about Share Point on Microsoft’s website – SharePoint

Your Benefits

  • Accelerate Business Processes – auditing, contract management and approval procedures become easier

  • More Intelligent Work – well-founded and success-orientated decisions can be made from co-operation across your company

  • Flexible Allocation – the infrastructure is coherent and scalable, allowing better control over server resources

  • Easy Administration – structured insights into business processes make IT much simpler

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