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Generate leads – celebrate deals: with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Your CRM system

You have marketed your product – excellent. Now you should sell it, too. But to whom?

A stable customer network and indispensable flexibility for individual customer inquiries are essential requirements for your sales team.

The CRM system provides you and your employees with a central and loss-free collection of customer data: the CRM solution from Microsoft allows the departments concerned to work more efficiently thanks to the cross-discipline information and the holistic images.

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The CRM system provides you and your employees with a central and loss-free collection of customer data: the CRM solution from Microsoft allows the departments concerned to work more efficiently thanks to the cross-discipline information and the holistic images.

Ensure comprehensive maintenance of your customer relationships, which guarantees higher customer satisfaction and ultimately increases sales. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you will be presented with a complete solution that offers a user-friendly interface and thus increases your productivity and at the same time enables you to focus clearly on sales core: customer enthusiasm. 

Your salespeople receive a structured overview of the existing customers and inspirations that should contribute to the purchase animation of your customers: the software shows you various options in this regard. It provides you with possible uses of Microsoft AI applications for sales. Get your product to your customers faster and review future deals. 

Efficient functionality for strategic sales productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Secure AI-powered sales

You can easily prioritize your most important customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. 

  • On the Microsoft Power Platform, you can automate workflows, analyze your data and develop applications that your employees can use directly. 
  • With cross-departmental transparency and ready-made workflows, coordination within the respective areas is optimized on the one hand, and promising leads are generated on the other. 
  • The special AI applications for sales support you with individual visual editors in establishing your product more quickly. 
  • Thanks to integrated AI, your sales employees receive insights quickly and easily. 
  • Discover new customer needs, competitive dynamics, and market trends with AI-driven insights. 
  • Use tools for social listening, social engagement, and social selling.

Use the knowledge about your customers that they reveal about themselves online: 

  • The integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with various profile information and insights so that the salespeople can establish and manage trustworthy relationships. 
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you options for leads or a more personal introduction.
    • Keep track of your contacts and visualize the relationships between contacts with interactive organizational charts. 
    • Look at what’s happening from a customer perspective and improve sales engagement. 

Apply well-thought-out evaluation options for your customer relationships

Extensive evaluation models guarantee a high success rate and numerous sales deals by reviewing opportunities and leads 

Use sophisticated, automated reporting to your advantage

Look at everything from a customer perspective. 

  • With the ‘Microsoft Form Pro’ application, you can combine customer data with survey results and thus effectively optimize sales activities in the long term. 
  • Your sales managers are offered enormous support with insights into business deals, relationship analysis, and meaningful entertainment data. 

Let customer-related business areas such as sales and marketing work hand in hand with cross-platform tools.

Work the sales solution between systems as you can quickly and directly integrate external data can also be into Dynamics 365 for Sales – both from Dynamics 365, for example, Microsoft Relationship Sales, and from third-party providers such as LinkedIn Sales. This way, you can get to the customer more efficiently and gain their trust more quickly.

  • Redesign the entire customer journey with the unification of marketing, sales, and customer service data. You can therefore access information that colleagues and employees have already made about potential customers. 

Work efficiently and reduce costs

  • Context-related queries with suggestions for new data records lessen the workload for routine tasks.
    • Microsoft provides so-called playbooks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, containing reproducible, successful sales techniques and context-related reference materials. 
    • With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, time-consuming searches are a thing of the past: 
      Thanks to the modern functions for sales support, context-related content and training recommendations are freely accessible to each of your employees.  
  • However, the need for training is kept very low due to the structured user interface: Users are guided through the entire sales process with relevant information.
    • Streamline planning and increase forecast accuracy with intuitive, seller-generated forecasts that are augmented with predictive forecasts. 


Do you want to be at the forefront of the fast-paced market? Then you must know your customers because they are the ones determining the rules of the game. For quite a while, it’s not only about presenting experience with smooth transactions but also about uniqueness, individuality, something special. Let your customers know that they can always count on you.  

You can’t buy trust; you have to work hard for it. Combine the buying experience with the sales experience thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. 

Thanks to problem-free compatibility, you can integrate well-known Office applications, and links to social media platforms such as LinkedIn are possible at any time. 

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