Sales Insights: Science Meets Art

Generate a new customer, not just a sale!

Combine the art of sales with sophisticated science and let your customers benefit from an unprecedented combination of human instinct and artificial intelligence; Activate the next level for your sales now and turn each and every one of them into an expert – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Today’s digitalization is both a challenge and a key for companies: AI-based actions will help you meet customer expectations in the future. Many companies are already trying to skillfully use the strengths of their sales teams to increase sales performance but are not realizing their full potential.

Access meaningful and clear analysis results that are made available to you effortlessly thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and are difficult to identify without the use of AI. In this way, you can detect decisive characteristics such as buying tendencies as well as buyer-related inclinations and changes in general demand easily, conveniently and completely problem-free: Insights defined in advance show you and your employees an opportunity-risk profile in real time, so that you are well prepared in every case and instead of surprising, spontaneous actions you can convince with professionally adequate action.

Minimal effort for maximum benefits

Say goodbye to tried and tested step-by-step thinking and welcome AI capabilities that are ready to use with Sales Insights. Enjoy an immediate impact with small changes.

With Microsoft’s sales-focused AI in Sales Insights, your salespeople will…

–          have higher success rates

With the help of AI technologies, you can find the right customers and focus on them by identifying and preferring leads and sales opportunities with the highest probability of success.

–          plan more precisely

Forecasts made by your employees are supplemented by AI predictions: you can reduce errors and inaccuracies thanks to AI-based predictions and respond perfectly to current signals from the sales pipeline.

Signs, notes and recommendations of the program are visualized in deal flow images and snapshots and are created considering the past performance. This enables you to track the change and development of the pipeline at any time.

–          strengthen and control relationships in a targeted manner

Strengthen customer loyalty and deepen the relationship using the most latest AI technologies: on the one hand, there are personal, individual suggestions for discussions as well as optimal measures that can be adapted to defined work and processes, on the other hand, in view of the uniform and holistic information from Microsoft applications and LinkedIn, the relationship status can be assessed to minimize risk in order to carry out preventive measures in good time.

–          use an assistant

To get an overview of the most important sales activities at any time, you can use your personal mobile assistant thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: this optimizes work processes in the background and proactively develops suggestions. Thanks to a detailed meeting profile of your new helper, which presents you with the most important insights about the company and the participants, you are perfectly briefed for your meeting.

Annoying rework can be accelerated efficiently by digitally recording your notes and business cards received.

–          work automatically

Automatically track how and when your customers react and reduce data entry with relevant real-time suggestions for creating new data records.

–          act quickly and strategically

Identify customer trends quickly and accurately to keep your business growing and find those that might can help you. With Sales Insights you can enjoy a head start based on knowledge of brands and competitors. AI-supported applications offer you direct answers in natural language, which are based on sales and conversation data.

–          sell efficiently

Using the Sales Accelerator, i.e. a direct preview, sales can be efficiently processed in short sales cycles. You can find everything that an insider seller needs, bundled in one place.

Stay productive with smart work lists.

Want to know more?

Do you wonder if that AI technology is just right for you and your company? Test the feature extensively – whether in a practical test environment or through a live demo by an official Microsoft solution expert: -4808-bd58-b5674a0a42d4? Tab = Overview

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