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Manage your finances efficiently and intelligently using the latest AI technologies by incorporating smart budget proposals recommendations for customer payments and cash flow predictions into your cash flow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights

Microsoft is expected to provide the public with access to its AI financial development in October 2020: Thanks to AI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights enables you to plan more precisely forecasting customer payments, budget, and cash flow.

In this way, you can have a positive influence on your cash flow because you are always aware of when incoming payments are expected. The integrated AI services proactively record your payments and make precise predictions based on them. You can keep costs within budget with the help of intelligent (budget) suggestions and manage your finances efficiently thanks to the smart cash forecasts.

Use the advantages and be smarter than the competition:

–          Optimized profit margin

With the use of Microsoft AI, you can predict when your customers will pay the bills sent by you. With continually updated statistics about overdue or late payment of accounts, you will find an optimization of your profit margin and a reduction of proactive depreciation. You can also minimize long-term proactive depreciation.

–          Smart budgeting

Lengthy and manual budget planning not only requires a lot of your valuable work time from your employees, but also always involves an enormous amount of work. Use Artificial Intelligence and let Finance Insights do the work. Taking your old data into account, an analysis is carried out to predict your budget.

–          Predictive cash flow

Track your cash flow constantly in real time? No problem with Finance Insights!

Make your decisions based on the individually adaptable solution of the AI-cash forecast and check your cash flow in real time.

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