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In order for a company to work properly, all departments must mesh like cogs and the interfaces must guarantee fast forwarding. In today’s world of digitalization, companies have numerous options for this, and the use of ERP tools is one of them.

Microsoft ERP Dynamics BC

ERP – application, and solution in one

ERP, short for Enterprise Resource Planning, offers companies a way out in the form of a solution for organizational and resource planning. With the help of a central database, internal business activities, as well as operational data, can be efficiently accumulated and processed. From current stock to incoming payment – ERP software provides the necessary overview as we offer the suitable add-ons for the desired vision.

Every ERP system should be able to map, analyze and support at least the three basic components of a company:

1.      Finance

In the area of financial management there are various requirements to be met; the ERP system should, however, “think ahead” and support companies with more precise data and analyzes to act within the budget limits. With the ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can maximize your financial visibility and profitability by modernizing global financial processes. With the MS software, companies can track their performance in real time, make forecasts and make decisions regarding positive company growth.

2.      Supply chain

In the world of digitalization, manual entry and editing is becoming a thing of the past. However, reliable warehouse management is particularly important in the corporate supply chain so that companies can act less reactively and more proactively.

3.     Manufacturing

In order to guarantee the stock, however, it must be produced beforehand. Companies in the manufacturing industry need an overview of various areas: from production planning to project and cost management to resource management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: an all-round talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also provides a suitable solution for these aspects, with which companies can merge the components of the IoT with mixed reality and artificial intelligence. In this way, on the one hand, the workflow can be optimized and, on the other hand, flexibility can be ensured in order to react to events as quickly as possible and to adapt the planning to the changing requirements of the supply chain.

In addition, Microsoft promises its users an adaptive program that not only grows with their company and adapts to all situations, but also supports them and optimizes processes through the possible integration of AI.

Questions and ambiguities in financial or personnel management are long forgotten with ERP; take control of your company and optimize internal procedures and processes. Concentrate on the essentials – we take care of the rest.

Microsoft ERP Dynamics BC

Microsoft ERP Dynamics BC

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