Are you still looking for customers for your products or are you already looking for products for your customers? 

Microsoft takes care of its customers in a wide variety of areas on a global level. Like every other person, your customer feels valued and honored when you pay him attention and prove that you know him and look after him according to his individual requirements. Do the same and offer broad support, and, with Microsoft, you can rely on an effective complete solution that guarantees you flexibility, reliability, and conviction in your customer service. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

With the service module of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can look forward to a flexible service that makes employees more productive and encourages customers to have long-term loyalty.

Our modern age of digitalization downright forces a company to offer a wide range of services. For a long time now, customer relationships and service inquiries have not been made via a single channel: multichannel service has become indispensable.

Inquiries reach you via your website, by e-mail, via social media, or traditionally over the phone – and all of them expect an immediate answer. It is not uncommon for these to flow into one another. What could be more evident than standardizing processes and optimizing your range of services at the same time?!

Take advantage of AI applications and the central, automatic customer information collection and use the opportunities offered for up- or cross-selling. The virtual assistant relieves your team insofar as it takes care of the more superficial matters. In this way, your employees can focus on (more) complex customer concerns.

With the service solution from Microsoft you can take a very close look at your customers, and your interaction with them is going to be

·        automatic and personalized

With the help of the provided AI technology, the focus is on optimizing customer contact: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights lets you examine each customer from all sides and offers forecasts for needs based on the analyzed customer contact history. In this way, the interaction between your customers and your team is always personalized, individually coordinated, and adapted.

Offer a tailor-made service to look after customers on all channels: AI-supported experiences and practical insights for proactive problem solving and satisfied customers.

·        experienced and competent

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you always have the proper parameters and tools. They competently handle routine inquiries and adequately solve more complex problems.

Quickly provide your employees and customers with relevant knowledge articles thanks to the search.

·        uniformly

Uniform information is vital in optimal customer service. With the complete solution for your service, you have a platform at your disposal that adapts to your needs and your customers and represents a central collection of customer-related data.

Ensure that every customer benefits from a consistent experience, even if their profile is shared between multiple employees or put together via different channels.


Put your competitors’ focus on you. And you can put yours not only on your but also on their customers.

Put your customers at the center of the action and build a stronger bond between the two of you. Establish brand affinity and make the competition look old. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, your team can access uniform and current data information and thus optimize its service. Both customers and employees can enjoy seamless individual service using homogeneous and holistic technologies, which connect both parties through an entirely positive experience.

Want to know more?

Do you wonder if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is exactly the right solution for you and your company? Give it a try with your 30-day evaluation version free of charge:

Microsoft AI Technologies for Dynamics 365 CRM

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Verbinden Sie die Kunst der Verkaufs mit der ausgeklügelten Wissenschaft und lassen Sie auch Ihre Kunden von einem nie dagewesenem Zusammenwirken aus menschlichem Instinkt und künstlicher Intelligenz profitieren; schalten Sie jetzt die nächste Stufe für Ihren Vertrieb frei und machen Sie jeden einzelnen vom ihm zum Experten – mit Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Lassen Sie Ihre Kunden ein Positiverlebnis genießen, indem Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen eine intuitive und flexible Customer Data Platform (CDP) etablieren, die nicht nur persönliche, individuelle Kundenerfahrungen begünstigend unterstützt, sondern auch allumfassende Einblicke garantiert

Wenn Sie sich nicht um Ihre Kunden kümmern, dann tut es die Konkurrenz – sichern Sie die Kundenzufriedenheit auf prospektive und -aktive Weise, streben Sie eine Optimierung der Kundensatisfaktion an und fällen Sie effizientere Entscheidungen – mit KI-gesteuerten Eindsichten in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights.

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