The customer is king – and always will be

If you don’t care about your customers, then your competition will do. Ensure customer satisfaction in a proactive manner, strive for customer satisfaction optimization, and make more efficient decisions – with AI-driven insights in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Act based on solid data and improve the customer service experience with standard insights. Cross-channel performance reviews over defined period, allow you to precisely identify growth areas. Use the latest AI technologies from Microsoft to optimize your productivity.

Customer service at the highest level

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, you not only ensure satisfied employees, but also …

–          higher customer satisfaction

Identify problems before they even occur so that you have a solution ready in advance: Carry out data-based improvements with the help of Artificial Intelligence Insights after all factors that have a bearing on customer satisfaction have been determined.

–          optimized operational efficiency

Optimize business processes with insights of problem solving, backlog developments and historical comparison data, and use the data to evaluate the employee and company performance. Track the volume of cases and incoming support issues to optimize employee productivity in your company.

–          extensive knowledge

Show the patterns of your customer loyalty and employee performance as well as your customer service in a flexible and structured manner using dashboards. Experience the advantages of the integrated AI, BI and Machine Learning functions. Critical findings can immediately be identified with interactive diagrams and filters; moreover, they can be shared with other people at any time.


Do you wonder if Microsoft AI services are the perfect solution for your company? Give it a try with your 30-day evaluation version for Customer Service Insights:

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