Customer insights: intuitive and flexible

Let your customers enjoy a positive experience by establishing an intuitive and flexible Customer Data Platform (CDP) in your company, which not only supports personal, individual customer experiences, but also guarantees comprehensive insights. Centralize your customer information and, thanks to the associated standardization, give your employees the opportunity to offer your customers the best possible service – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Increase customer value with the help of AI-controlled access to customer profiles: The centralization of information from various customer-oriented areas of marketing, sales and service. Analyze data at high speed and adapt the AI solution with Microsoft Azure and Power Platform individually according to your requirements.

Not only give your customers the feeling of being the center of your company – let them actually be in the spotlight: Become a customer-centered company in which your (customer) specialists have access to holistic data at all times, in order to address customers as individual and personal as possible: With corporate-level centralization, results can be delivered faster in real time, which your employees can implement directly with little training and IT support.

Wholeness for more individuality

Use a flexible CDP to unify your customer data across the source range.

Your employees work with a uniform customer view and enjoy the great advantages of customer insights with the AI-based solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365:

–          comprehensive customer overview

You can permanently access and work with an updated customer profile. Data from different areas relating to customer transactions, observations and behavior are standardized using AI and machine learning and can be expanded as required with signals from first and third-party providers: You can learn something about the target group, product usage, current market trends and view customer feedback.

–          new insights

With this Microsoft product you have access to standardized templates for machine learning, with which you can easily make predictions regarding possible churn, upcoming promotions or product recommendations. Use the AI-driven recommendations or trust your own ones to discover new target groups and segments. Trigger workflows in response to customer signals by using Power Automate.

–          adaptive solutions and powerful extensions

Extend customer insights according to your taste, e.g. with Azure Synapse Analytics. and connect your customer data with financial, operational and non-structured IoT data. You are welcome to supplement the AI-technology with extensions from the Microsoft Power Platform or with your own schemes for machine learning and thus tailor the application to you.

–          a productive platform you can trust

Time is money and money is expensive. Use your time with an Azure-based self-service CDP, which still allows you to remain flexible thanks to the independent integration of your own Azure data lake. Trust Microsoft’s experience in the field of AI and the seamless integration into cloud-based solutions that always comply with the Private Policy and guarantee you full control over your data.

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Do you wonder if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is exactly the right solution for you and your company? Give it a try with your 30-day evaluation version free of charge:

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