Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence  

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence AI

Support your Sales Organization, Marketing, and Customer Service with powerful AI for predictive insights and substantiated data. 

With the 2019 release, Microsoft shows its continued investment in artificial intelligence features. The new AI apps for Dynamics 365 leverage the power of Microsoft’s AI research, tools, data, and Power Platform to help companies transform customer service, sales, and marketing.  

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence for each sector:

– Sales  Insights

Increase your sales with the help of AI-driven insights that promote personalized engagement and proactive decision-making to help build relationships.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, you get a detailed analysis of the sales pipeline. It offers significant benefits for both: the seller and the sales manager through comprehensive insights.

– Customer Insights 

Unify your data across sources to get a single view of customers, optimize engagement, and discover insights that drive personalized experiences.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can build a deep understanding of customers by linking customer data from multiple transaction, behavior, and observation sources to create a 360-degree view. Use these insights to drive personalized customer experiences and processes.

– Customer Service Insights 

Leverage AI-driven insights to make better decisions band proactively improve customer satisfaction with confidence. Improve customer retention and reduce service costs with the AI capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Take advantage of actionable insights, performance metrics, new trends, and use virtual agents to resolve support issues quickly.

It’s on you: explore and discover Microsoft’s tools.

Gain the insight you need to better serve your customers with Microsoft’s research expertise in artificial intelligence and cloud, data, and developer platforms.

Discover how Microsoft’s AI Tools let you and all of your company staff use, build, and innovate artificial intelligence. Explore meaningful and relevant ways to gain all necessary insights always to be ahead of your competitors.

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence brings AI to every single team member. Just by Democratizing AI within your organization, you are opening the door for more productivity: it is a critical move to boost employees’ productivity, drive business agility, and improve customer experiences.