Simple planning and quick processing of service orders and employees 

Step up to the next level of planning without any effort – with the CX Scheduler Service Module! 

CX Planer für Microsoft Dynamics 365

The service module of the CX Scheduler is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and does not require any changes to your company’s existing ERP system. You can work directly and in the familiar environment of the ERP interface. 

Some functions of the CX Service Scheduler at a glance 

– Drag & Drop for planning security  

Service orders can simply be moved or assigned to other employees using drag & drop. All employees immediately see the tasks and service orders assigned to them. Should spontaneous, external circumstances lead to a planning postponement, these can be rescheduled clearly in the planning board using drag & drop. 

The service orders that still need to be processed are clearly displayed in the tree structure. They will be assigned to an employee or service team and are therefore part of the task list. These task processing times are automatically scheduled for the relevant employee. If the service time changes, the booked time of the processor is also adjusted at the same time. Other orders, with which a temporal collusion now occurs, can be rescheduled prospectively and resources cannot be allocated twice This also increases customer satisfaction at the same time. 

– Quick and lucid recognition of capacities  

With service orders, precise and clear planning is a decisive criterion. In the CX Scheduler Service Module, you can display the capacities horizontally or vertically. You can see immediately which employees still have free capacities and can thus react quickly to all events. 

Does the customer need three employees instead of only two? No problem – the time saved can be entered directly in the CX planning board: the service order is assigned to the additionally requested employee and, thanks to automation, there is a change of date for all affected order employees. 

– Everything in view 

In the CX Service Scheduler, the already planned and unplanned service orders can be shown in a structured overview: Employees and their free times are immediately visible and can be assigned an order using drag & drop. At the same time, you can see if the capacity of an employee is exceeded.  

This guarantees the company a constant overview of the current planning status and the planning workflow is guaranteed. 

Integration in Microsoft Office 365

The direct integration in Microsoft [Office] 365 and thus in Outlook makes the CX Scheduler an innovation in the field of service planning. All resources, service orders, service objects and appointments can be mapped directly in all Microsoft [Office] 365 products: appointments are automatically entered in the Microsoft Outlook calendar of the responsible employee.  

Scheduling and checking the status of tasks have never been so efficient and easy! 

– Intelligent Voice Control

Being flexible at work? – No problem! 

With the Intelligent Voice Control in every module of our CX Scheduler, you can work comfortably on the go or, of course, in the office. Service orders can be moved or assigned to an employee using Voice Control. 

Familiar menus, icons and buttons remain unchanged and you work with the existing data. The service cards for the existing order open with a double click – seamlessly into the fast planning age. 

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