Plan the manufacturing process easily and efficiently 

In the area of manufacturing, various areas are interlinked that must work together: it is important to meet delivery dates and to guarantee permanent capacity utilization. Adapt your planning board easily and flexibly to your needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing BC

Direct integration into your ERP system 

The CX planning board for manufacturing is directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the complete manufacturing planning automatically takes place in the ERP system, so that employees do not need to get used to new work processes or to start an external program. 
Start seamlessly into a future that is reliable in planning! 

Some functions of the CX Manufacturing Scheduler at a glance 

Employees need a visual overview of the entire manufacturing process in order to be able to react to failures and bottlenecks. Each of these changes has an impact on the manufacturing process. With the view in the CX Scheduler, you can see these implications immediately and then adjust your planning accordingly. That’s what an overall view of an efficient workflow looks like. 

Capacity view 

  • tree structure with filter option 
  • Simply select the required planning data, click on it and view it directly. 
  • Data are differentiated by color; in this way you can see in a structured manner immediately which times and machines are occupied, and which ones are available. 
  • Select how to display the timeline: hours, weeks or months; even the annual planning is clearly displayed. 
microsoft Scheduler Manufacturing ERP
microsoft Scheduler Manufacturing ERP
microsoft Scheduler Manufacturing ERP

Individual orders  

The CX Manufacturing Scheduler offers the option of presenting an overall view and the manufacturing orders individually and clearly. Every self-sufficient order and the associated dates, machines, suppliers, and employees are shown in one view: the respective manufacturing progress is displayed, and free machine or personnel capacities are immediately visible so that manufacturing parts can be redistributed in the event of any difficulties. 

If an appointment is postponed or a machine breaks down, the associated effect on all areas is immediately visible and alternatives are offered for selection. The representation of vacant resources enables those to be assigned new tasks. 

– Drag & Drop: easy to use 

Like all our modules of the CX Scheduler, your orders can also be adjusted using drag & drop: 

With one click you can change the manufacturing schedule: e.g. a date must be rescheduled because a supplier delivers too late. The start and end times are adapted to the real conditions and the assignment of the workplace can be changed via drag & drop and adapted to the conditions on site (like somebody is sick, on vacation, etc.). If the capacity utilization of a resource is exceeded, it’s going to be immediately indicated by a colored warning and the load can be reduced. 

CX Planer Fertigungsmodul - ERP Add On für Microsoft Dynamics 365
CX Planer Fertigungsmodul - ERP Add On für Microsoft Dynamics 365

– Self-planning planning  

If manufacturing is to be postponed, follow-up orders are also affected. In the CX Scheduler Manufacturing Module, interconnected orders are automatically rescheduled if time adjustments are necessary. The dispatchers immediately see the change and can react to it. 

Integration in Microsoft 365

The direct integration in Microsoft [Office] 365 and thus in Outlook makes the CX Scheduler an innovation in the field of manufacturing. All important information, capacities, and appointments can be mapped directly in all Microsoft 365 products: appointments are automatically entered in the Microsoft Outlook calendar of the responsible team member. Even orders for a manufacturing order are sent straight to the responsible supplier as an email. 

Scheduling and controlling have never been so efficient and easy! 

– Intelligent Voice Control

Being flexible at work? – No problem! 

With the intelligent Voice Control in every module of our CX Scheduler, you can work comfortably on the go or, of course, in the office. Service orders can be moved or assigned to an employee using Voice Control. 

That’s how you work today!

– Intelligent manufacturing planning 

Viele Planungsbearbeiter wünschen sich ein System, das bereits ‚inte(r)lligente‘ Vorschläge für Fertigungsaufträge macht – der CX Fertigungsplaner macht dies möglich:
Das System lernt sehr schnell, wie alte Fertigungsaufträge geplant wurden, welche Maschine genutzt wurde, wie viel Zeit in Anspruch genommen wurde und wie viele Mitarbeiter im Fertigungsprozess involviert waren. Auf Grundlage dieser Daten macht das System selbstständig Vorschläge bereits bei der Neuplanung von Fertigungen, was für den Fertigungsprozess eine enorme Zeitersparnis und Fehlervorbeugung bedeutet.

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