CX Scheduler

Our clear planning board with real-time data for more productivity and efficiency in everyday work

CX Scheduler

Visual planning directly in Business Central

As an add-on in your existing ERP system, it is immediately part of your daily work routine and shows the current planning status quickly and clearly in a structured overall view; thanks to its simple and intuitive operation and direct integration into your existing system, you can start planning directly without any training effort, so that you improve your workflow and business processes are optimized.

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You Can Only Benefit:

  • The interactive planning board adapts to your individual requirements.

  • As an add-on

  • it is easy to install and ready to use out of the box.

  • Seamless integration into the existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

  • Significant reduction of downtime due to external circumstances

  • Fast ROI

  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics integration

Our CX modules specifically for your industry needs


Never lose the overview thanks to simple, efficient process planning in manufacturing with the CX Manufacturing module.


The CX Scheduler is directly integrated specifically into the Project and Resources module of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Our CX Resource Module provides you with a holistic view of your company's resources.


Smoothly assign service orders to free resources. Thanks to drag 'n drop, it's easy to do in your Business central.

Seamless Integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Client Control Add-On and C/AL API from CONNAMIX, you can create a planning board and customize it to suit you and your needs. Programming skills are not necessary because the powerful JavaScript add-on for resource and job planning includes features for more productivity and efficiency in the daily work process. With just a few steps, the corresponding module of the add-on can be installed and used without any training effort. Through our AL-API, you achieve seamless integration with other systems and can quickly customize the CX Scheduler specifically to your requirements.

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Linked to Microsoft Outlook

The CX Scheduler is directly linked to Microsoft Outlook, and times are not booked twice: all appointments which are entered into Outlook are already marked as appointments in the CX Scheduler.

Features of the CX Scheduler

The CX Scheduler offers you a toolbox to sustainably optimize resource utilization in your company. The drag & drop interface makes it easy and intuitive to use: You can quickly create or adapt planning tables and have a centralized overview of project tasks, work and service orders, as well as production processes and capacity utilization at the push of a button.

Artificial intelligence in the ERP system – work with a system that permanently learns and supports planning in your company. With the CX Scheduler, companies have the possibility to plan quickly, easily, and efficiently using intelligent voice control; the following video offers a brief insight.

Coordinate your projects, jobs, and resources via drag & drop: one mouse click allows you to move and adjust planned tasks, guaranteeing a split-second response to unforeseen events.

The tree structure is used to display the information you need. You can display projects, resources, objects, or other criteria, depending on what data you need.

Factors for the successful course of a project or completion of an order are, on the one hand, optimal planning and utilization and, on the other hand, the selection of your resources; this is the only way to ensure that you deploy the right employees and do not overbook them. You can optimally control the workload in the team, the department, or the entire company and distribute tasks quickly and resource-savingly. In the CX Scheduler, you can choose between horizontal or vertical orientation in the view. Like this, you consistently maintain an overview, and your employees can handle all tasks.

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CX Scheduler

Start Cloud Working

Do you want to know how to leverage the benefits of the cloud for your business securely? Would you like to learn which processes should move to the cloud first? Do you lack the time needed for cloud adoption? Do you plan to save costs during the onboarding process?

How should mid-sized companies approach their digital transformation? What are you hoping to achieve through automation? In which way does automation add value to your customers? Can you take it a step further and deliver value that genuinely differentiates you from your competitors or completely changes your industry’s parameters?

Together with CONNAMIX, you can take the successful step into digitalization. We help you select the software, present you with custom-fit individualizations for your business and take over the implementation of the perfect ERP system for you. You can also benefit from our experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

Feel free to contact us! We provide you with practical advice and are happy to support you in your project.

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