Machine Learning

Greenlight for Machine Learning

Are you excited about machine learning, just like many of us? Do you think that Machine Learning should sell itself? The value proposition seems evident if you are already into it. The advance and optimization of current operations is a…

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cloud migration

Get the best out of your cloud migration

When moving your IT environment into the cloud, you gain extra value for your business straight away. Therefore, it’s crucial to realize and understand that your cloud migration’s advantage leans seriously on your IT environment’s setup. Determining the perfect strategy…

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Business Intelligence BI

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence or, short, BI, is a set of operations, structures, frameworks, and technologies that translate raw data into meaningful, significant information that drives profitable business actions. Nowadays, people define BI as a collection of software and services with which…

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ERP Digital Transformation

5 Essential ERP Digital Transformation Questions

Digital transformation payoffs in ERP are incredibly beneficial for companies that change the entire conductions of day-to-day operations. Nonetheless, if you look at how complex and time-consuming such projects might be, adjusting digital transformation for your ERP with a comprehensive…

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digital culture in modern businesses

Welcome digital culture: digitization’s influence on modern businesses

When changing to SAAS-solutions means riding the wave of digitization and accepting a digital culture for your whole organization. This builds the foundation for the automation of various processes and routine operations just as much as the creativity of your team….

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predictive maintenance

Challenge accepted: Implementation of Predictive Maintenance

IoT-using companies collect a significant amount of data. But in most cases, they are not prepared enough to harness the full potential. Not only a waste but also a big loss. Especially in service organizations, this beneficial and priceless data…

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ai technologies artificial intelligence machine learning

Get to know about these 5 AI technologies

Technologies that fuel the AI craze: artificial intelligence, deep/machine learning, etc. Artificial Intelligence Smart machines can, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), learn from experience. They, then, adjust to new inputs and though carry out human-like tasks. Most examples of AI…

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fire project management

FIRE for successful and innovative project management

FIRE – the new way for successful innovative project management Project management is tough. It’s about finding the balance of juggling issues (budget, time frame, supplier contracts, etc) and team concerns. Thankfully, you have prior projects to refer to to…

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maximum benefit cloud migration

Get the best out of your cloud migration

When transferring the IT environment to the cloud, you immediately gain additional value for your business. It is essential to realize that the advantage of your cloud migration relies heavily on your IT environment‘s setup. Specifying the right strategy is…

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digital communication

Body Language In Digital Times

If you want to communicate effectively in the virtual age, you need to tune into your digital body language. Digital communication in virtual times In times of zoom calls, online meetings, video conferences, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. our communication gets…

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